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About SBLC

Holstic approach

More than
just another
Cosmetic Supplier

At SBLC Cosmetics, we are not only passionate about the cosmetics industry but also committed to helping you achieve your business goals. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, we are focused on delivering the best services and support to make your cosmetics brand a success. 

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We turn Visions into Reality

our story

Our Story is Your Success

Our story began with a blend of seasoned industry veterans and dynamic young profes­sionals, each with a deep under­standing of the challenges in the cosmetics market. We identified three main issues: the diffi­culty in keeping up with rapid beauty trends, the lack of support from tradi­tional suppliers, and the complexity of sourcing different products from multiple suppliers.

Driven by these challenges, we set out to establish a new kind of cosmetic supplier. Our vision was clear: to create a one-stop solution for all cosmetic needs, ranging from advanced skincare to the latest in makeup. We aimed to eliminate the ineffi­ci­encies and incon­sis­tencies that brands experi­enced when dealing with multiple suppliers for different product lines.

To achieve this, we built an extensive network of diverse and specia­lized suppliers, each an expert in different areas of cosmetic production. This approach allowed us to offer a wide range of high-quality products under one roof, ensuring consis­tency in quality and innovation.

Our unique blend of industry expertise and a strong commitment to client relati­onships enables us to not only supply top-tier cosmetic products but also to provide custo­mized strategies and attentive support. We excel in adapting swiftly to beauty trends and are dedicated to maintaining high standards of product quality and customer service.

Today, we are proud to be a holistic, supportive partner to brands worldwide. We offer a seamless and efficient solution for sourcing an entire range of cosmetic products, backed by our unwavering support and guidance. Join us, and experience the conve­nience and excel­lence of a one-stop cosmetic solution, designed to empower your brand in the beauty industry.