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Sell Cosmetics With Peace of Mind

Dealing with certi­fi­cation and compliance in the cosmetics industry is tough. Brands must meet regula­tions to ensure legal compliance and access to markets. For brands entering new markets, the many regula­tions can be overwhelming.

Each area has different standards for safety, labeling, and marketing. Keeping up with ever-changing rules takes a lot of time, money, and knowledge. Disobe­dience can cause serious problems like recalls, fines, and reputation damage.

Plus, the testing and paperwork needed for compliance can be expensive and time-consuming – in parti­cular for small companies. 

Our All-Inclusive Compliance Support

Local Regulation

Our team stays up-to-date with the latest changes in cosmetic regula­tions globally. We guide you through the entire compliance process from start to finish.

Safety Testing

We provide stability, compa­ti­bility and safety testing including all documents to get your products certified – an essential part of launching any new cosmetic product.

Quality Control

We have robust quality control processes in place. That includes regular audits and strict adherence to GMP. We ensures every batch meets our high quality standards.

Label Compliance

We conduct printing checks, ensuring your products are labelled compli­antly – ingre­dient lists, usage instruc­tions, and necessary warnings & symbols.

We’re Experts in European & US Regula­tions

EU Cosmetics Regula­tions

Getting your cosmetic products approved for the European market can be tough, but we’re here to help. Our expert team handles all the EU Cosmetics Regula­tions for you.

We take care of the compliance process from start to finish, so you can keep focusing on making amazing products.

FDA Regula­tions

Breaking into the U.S. market means navigating the FDA’s regula­tions, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Our team knows the ins and outs of FDA rules and ensures your products are safe, compliant, and top-notch quality. 

Certi­fi­ca­tions We Acquire

We will find a suitable formu­lation and take care of the certi­fi­cation process for your product.