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Your Vision, Our Expertise

Our custom formu­lation services are designed to bring your cosmetic product vision to life. We will help you create standout products tailored to your product vision. Choosing us for your custom formu­lation means partnering with an expert team fully committed to your brand’s success.

Our in-house cosmetic science team sets us apart from other suppliers. Our expertise, trans­pa­rency, and excep­tional support from start to finish sets you up for success in developing unique, high-quality skincare and makeup products.

Why Choose Us as Your Develo­pment Partner

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated brand success team will ensure a colla­bo­rative and seamless experience from concept to shelf.

Tailored Solutions

We provide truly perso­na­lized solutions tailored to your brand’s unique needs so your products reflect your vision and values.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure that all products meet regulatory standards, giving you peace of mind and confi­dence in your products.


Our brand success team is always committed to innovation to ensure that your products are not only effective, but also stand out in the market.

Our Brand Success Team Will Guide You Every Step

Step 1/7

1. Consul­tation

We start with an in-depth consul­tation to under­stand your brand positioning, target market, and specific product requi­re­ments. Together, we will create a detailed product briefing that outlines all important details.

Step 2/7

2. Concept

Based on your input, we develop a holistic concept that aligns with your vision, market trends, regulatory requi­re­ments, and our own industry knowledge. We’ll create an initial timeline and roadmap.

Step 3/7

3. Formu­lation

Our cosmetic science team selects the best ingre­dients that meet your desired product charac­te­ristics and perfor­mance. We create a prototype formu­lation and check it against the original product briefing.

Step 4/7

4. Refinement

We value your feedback and refine the formu­lation through an iterative process, making adjus­t­ments until we achieve the perfect product. Throughout this phase, we maintain clear commu­ni­cation, providing updates and seeking your input at every step.

Step 5/7

5. Validation

All formu­la­tions undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet regulatory requi­re­ments and are safe for consumer use. We conduct efficacy testing to verify that the product delivers the desired benefits and perfor­mance.

Step 6/7

6. Production

We’ll perform pilot production runs to validate the formu­lation and manufac­turing processes. Our quality assurance team ensures that every batch meets the highest standards of quality and consis­tency.

Step 7/7

7. Finalization

Once you approve the final formu­lation, we prepare for full-scale production. We provide support for product launch including brand, product, packaging design, and labeling if needed.