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DPD Stiftung

The DPD Stiftung is a German non-profit that supports environ­mental, social, and cultural initia­tives. It was estab­lished by DPD Deutschland, a leading parcel delivery company in Germany and Europe. The foundation funds and promotes projects that have a positive impact on society and the environment, with a focus on climate and environ­mental protection, social inclusion, and cultural and educa­tional projects.

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DPD Stiftung

What they do

The DPD Stiftung supports a wide range of projects in the fields of environ­mental protection, social welfare, and cultural preser­vation. Some examples of the types of projects that the foundation has supported in the past include:

Environ­mental projects

The foundation has supported initia­tives that promote sustaina­bility and protect the environment, such as refore­station projects, renewable energy projects, and conser­vation efforts.

Cultural preser­vation projects

The foundation has also supported projects that preserve and promote cultural heritage, such as initia­tives that support the resto­ration and preser­vation of histo­rical buildings and cultural landmarks, as well as projects that promote cultural exchange and under­standing.

Social welfare projects

The DPD Stiftung has supported initia­tives that promote social inclusion and support disad­van­taged commu­nities, such as projects that provide education and training oppor­tu­nities, support for refugees and asylum seekers, and initia­tives that promote social cohesion and integration.

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