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No, we have decided not to have our own production facility. Instead, we outsource production, which offers signi­ficant advan­tages for you. By lever­aging our broad network of specia­lized suppliers, we provide a uniquely extensive product range with multiple options for each product. This saves you the complexity of dealing with multiple manufac­turers. Additio­nally, as an independent inter­me­diary, we can objec­tively assess the strengths and weaknesses of each supplier to ensure you receive the highest quality products.

No, we offer compe­titive prices compared to tradi­tional cosmetic manufac­turers. Outsourcing production to third-party facilities drasti­cally reduces the overhead costs associated with owning and operating manufac­turing plants. Additio­nally, we leverage our strategic long-term partner­ships with Original Equipment Manufac­turers (OEMs) to negotiate large-scale contracts and negotiate better prices on your behalf. By purchasing components such as bulk and packaging indivi­dually from highly specia­lized manufac­turers, we can achieve further savings. Convince yourself of our prices by requesting a free quote.

Our assortment is truly holistic across categories. We not only offer a wide range of amazing makeup products, but also skin‑, hair‑, and other personal care products. Our flexible assortment always keeps up with your brand’s product expansion. We’re your one-stop shop for all matters – no need to deal with multiple suppliers as your brand grows.

We have a broad network of suppliers, all of whom specialize in different cosmetic products and components. For instance, one of our OEM suppliers specia­lizes exclu­sively in lipstick bulk, another focuses solely on high-quality stick packaging, and a third is an expert in labeling and printing. This approach allows us to offer a diverse product portfolio without ever compro­mising on quality.

Yes, we offer custom formu­lation services. Our experi­enced brand success team works closely with you to develop unique formu­la­tions tailored to your brand’s specific needs and prefe­rences.

Yes, while tradi­tional cosmetic manufac­turers don’t always welcome new businesses, we love working with upcoming beauty brands and profes­sionals from all over the world. We’re a young and dynamic team that under­stands what it takes to be successful in today’s beauty industry. We lower entry barriers by offering low MOQs, stream­lined production processes, robust quality assurance, and extensive regulatory support, making it easier for new brands to enter the market. 

MOQ & Pricing

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies based on product category, packaging, and other factors. Typically, the MOQ starts at 1,000 units. For makeup products, this applies to each color.

No, we do not offer quantities of less than 1000 units. We under­stand that 1000 units can be a lot to start with, but our goal is to see our customers succeed. We believe that beginning with more perso­na­lized, larger orders is the most promising way to launch your brand successfully, offering better value and quality compared to starting with white label products. White label cosmetics, which are pre-produced, can be very expensive due to high costs associated with storing and printing small quantities. This makes it challenging to offer compe­titive prices and achieve success in the market.

We are currently working on a compre­hensive catalogue that will include various formu­la­tions and packaging options for each product. In the meantime, you can simply submit our contact form to receive a free quote tailored to your specific product needs and requi­re­ments.

Custom formu­lation involves a one-time cost starting at €1,500 per product, depending on the complexity of the product. The final unit price will depend on the formu­lation developed. Sometimes, the best choice for customers looking for a unique product, is to choose a private-label formu­lation and match it with a custom packaging. In any case, we will help you find the best way forward for your brand.

For private label products, there is no payment required before sample testing. Once every­thing is aligned and agreed on, we send the final invoice to start production. For custom formu­la­tions, we ask for a down payment to begin the develo­pment process. The remainder is due after final testing to start production. This ensures trans­pa­rency for all parties and is aligned with your project milestones.

Production & Delivery

We adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Our suppliers are GMP (Good Manufac­turing Practices) certified, and comply with ISO standards. Our products meet all relevant regulatory requi­re­ments. We help you get your products certified with the most relevant certi­fi­ca­tions out there.

The develo­pment process for a custom product typically takes between 2 and 6 months. This timeline includes initial consul­ta­tions, formu­lation develo­pment, testing, and final approval. However, the exact duration can vary depending on the complexity of the product and specific requi­re­ments.

Our lead time for production and delivery typically ranges from 8 to 20 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product and number of itera­tions, it can be prolonged. Private label products are better to go to market quicker, custom develo­p­ments require more time for testing prior to production. We strive to work effici­ently and keep you updated throughout the process to ensure timely delivery that meets your schedule.

Absolutely! We under­stand the importance of testing products before committing to a bulk order. We provide samples so you can evaluate the quality, perfor­mance, and suita­bility for your brand. We only ask you to cover the shipping costs. Our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with the product before moving forward with larger production runs.

Yes, we can! While our usual practice is to use EXW (Ex Works) terms, we are happy to support you with inter­na­tional shipping and logistics upon request. Our team can help coordinate the entire shipping process to ensure your products reach their desti­nation smoothly and effici­ently.

Other Services

We conduct thorough product and stability testing to ensure the safety, efficacy, and longevity of your products. Our testing proce­dures include microbial testing, preser­vative efficacy, and stability tests under various condi­tions. This guarantees that your products meet legal requi­re­ments and remain effective throughout their shelf life.

Yes, we offer organic, vegan, and natural product formu­la­tions. Whether you are using one of our existing private label formu­lation or develop your very own. Our team can create formu­la­tions using high-quality, sustainably sourced ingre­dients that meet organic certi­fi­cation standards like NATRUE or ECOCERT.

A brand is more than just a logo—it’s the colors, fonts, image styles, and tone of voice that showcase what your brand stands for. Our brand develo­pment service help you stand out in the compe­titive beauty industry by creating a cohesive brand story and a unique visual identity to strengthen the emotional connection with your customers. We cover every­thing from defining your brand’s core values to crafting a unique persona and visual identity, ensuring your brand makes a lasting impression and boosts sales.

Yes, absolutely! We believe your cosmetics packaging is as important for your brands success as the product thats inside. That’s why we specialize in creating eye-catching designs for both primary and secondary packaging. Our goal is to help your brand tell its story, convey quality, and attract customers right from the first look. We enhance your product’s perceived value and visibility, making sure it stands out and leaves a lasting impression.