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How to Develop your Cosmetic Line in 6 Steps

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Lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow — these three products are probably what come to your mind when you think about starting your own cosmetic line. But do you know that the cosmetic industry is much bigger than that? When you shower, the products you use, such as shampoo, body washes, and even tooth­paste, are even considered cosmetics! The fact that there is a consistent demand for personal care products makes the cosmetic industry promising for anyone who wants to start a beauty business. 

But how exactly do you develop your own cosmetic line that can compete in a very compe­titive industry? In this article, we’ll guide you through creating a makeup brand that will stand out from the compe­tition.

1. Pick out a category for your cosmetic line

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What kind of cosmetic line do you want to launch? Do you wish to create a luxury cosmetic brand, or are you planning to launch makeup that has only natural ingre­dients? Will you offer only one product in the beginning, or do you want to introduce all products that can be found in full face makeup? Specify a category for your cosmetic brand and point out the problem that can be found in that category. Think of a product that can be the solution for this issue. If your makeup is just like any other product in the market, your customer won’t have a reason to choose you.

2. Conduct a market research of your cosmetic brand category

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Initial market research is crucial before launching a new business since markets and customers are constantly changing. Before formu­lating strategies on how you can succeed in the cosmetic industry, take your time to under­stand the market situation and your potential customers. Figure out any market trend you should be aware of, your custo­mer’s behavior and how much they are willing to pay for your product. Point out what your customers value the most in a brand and make sure to include that in your brand develo­pment process.

3. Build a strong cosmetic brand

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In an industry that promotes aesthetics, your brand building should be carefully considered. Think of the values that are important for your consumers and be vocal about them in your mission statement. Develop a brand identity that is unique and really represents your business. Create a distinctive logo that can convey the message you want to spread. If you don’t think you can do the designing part yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a profes­sional graphic designer. It makes sense to invest in this process because your brand is what people see first before they look into your business.

4. Under­stand the cosmetic regulation

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Cosmetic laws and regula­tions differ from country to country, so look out for infor­mation regarding this on the official websites of the government or respon­sible authority. A tip for all freshers in the industry is to contact a reputable manufac­turer or supplier who already has all the necessary certi­fi­cates or can guarantee to provide them. SBLC Cosmetics can definitely take all the paperwork off your hands and handle every­thing for you. Finding a manufac­turer you can rely on is essential because you want your business to be legal. Some manufac­turers that can be found on websites like often don’t provide certi­fi­cates or, even worse, hand out fake ones with unreasonable prices. Thus, it’s important to dedicate your time to finding a manufac­turer you can count on.

5. Develop your cosmetic product

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You don’t always have to start from scratch. Look for a product that is already selling well in the market and point out what impro­ve­ments you can make to create a unique and even better product. Packaging also plays a huge role in helping you stand out from other cosmetics in the market because how you tell your brand’s story is what can help you diffe­ren­tiate your product. After making a list of what exactly you want in your products, look for suppliers, manufac­turers, and packaging companies that can help you create your dream product. Be careful when suppliers offer you very small minimum order quantities. There are some dangers you should be aware of! This process can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. If you want to save time and energy, consider working with a private-label manufac­turer. SBLC Cosmetics is the best private label cosmetics manufac­turer in Germany and can produce cosmetics with the quality of high-end products since our partner is the manufac­turer of luxury makeup brands such as, Chanel, Dior, and Tom Ford.

6. Market your cosmetic line

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Keep your eyes open for modern and effective marketing trends. Find out where you can reach your niche audience and create strategies to get to them. Since you’re making cosmetics, consider investing in influencer marketing to introduce your products. Look out for influencers that are appro­priate for your business and, even better, are in your target market to increase a better chance of reaching the right audience. But before that, create an online presence for your cosmetic brand. Build an online shop through platforms like social media and consider building your own website too. If you want your business to excel in the beauty industry, keep in mind that you have to constantly compete for attention.

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