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High Quality Lip Products

Whether your customers are looking for bold, matte lipsticks, shiny glosses, precise liners, or hydrating balms, we have something for everyone.

Our range features a variety of finishes and shades to suit different prefe­rences and styles. From everyday neutrals to standout reds, our products cater to all tastes.

Contact us to find the perfect lip products to add to your brand’s lineup. We are here to help you provide your customers with the best in lip care and color.

Some of The Lip Products We Offer

Please note that these pictures are just there for visua­lization. We do offer different formu­la­tions and packaging varia­tions for each product. 


MOQ 1000


MOQ 1000


MOQ 1000

Lip Balm

MOQ 1000

Lip Tint

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Custom Product

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