Top 10 Lipstick Manufac­turers in 2024 (+Guide)

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RankCompany NameCountry
1SBLC Cosmetics🇩🇪
2Kolmar Labs🇺🇸
3Cosmetic Service🇮🇹
5Verla Inter­na­tional🇺🇸
6Rozelle Cosmetics🇺🇸
7Color Strokes🇺🇸
8XJ Beauty🇺🇸
9Lady Burd🇺🇸
10Sheen Color Group🇺🇸

This list contains our top 10 lipstick manufac­turers. Note, that there is no manufac­turer that only produces lipsticks. Most manufac­turers on this list produce many other cosmetic products in addition to lipsticks. 

1. SBLC Cosmetics

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At SBLC Cosmetics, based in Germany, we produce high-quality cosmetics. Our compre­hensive service includes every­thing you don’t get from most cosmetic manufac­turers.

Prompt and uncom­pli­cated commu­ni­cation with a personal contact, efficient and modern processes for shorter lead times, first-class brand develo­pment and product design, full service for certi­fi­ca­tions and notifi­cation of products as well as door-to-door delivery.

With minimum order quantities as low as 1,000 pieces, we are an option for both up-and-coming and estab­lished brands. We manufacture private label and custom lipsticks, lip liners, lip balms, lip tints, and lip creams.

2. Kolmar Labs

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While Kolmar is best known for manufac­turing oils and lotions, the company does dabble in color cosmetics and lip products. Kolmar boasts its “trend direction” services for helping newer brands to decide what to bring to the market.

3. Cosmetic Service

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Cosmetic Service specia­lising in the design, production and custo­mi­sation of cosmetics articles. What makes them special is that every­thing is done in house — from resear­ching the idea, to prepa­ration of the sample in the laboratory, to production, labelling, packaging and shipping.


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CTK Clip is a company that specia­lizes in private label manufac­turing, offering a wide range of services including product design, formu­lation, packaging develo­pment, and fulfillment. They focus on innovative and trendy cosmetic products, providing a compre­hensive platform for beauty B2B partner­ships and global quality management processes.

5. Verla Inter­na­tional

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This American contract cosmetics manufac­turer offers filling and packaging for more than 50 production lines. With a reputation for providing variety in color cosmetics, Verla offers brands many options for pigmenting lipsticks and lip stains.

6. Rozelle Cosmetics

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Rozelle Cosmetics specia­lizes in private label manufac­turing, offering a range of custo­mization options for color, texture, and packaging. With over 50 years of experience in the beauty industry, they are a USA-based company that focuses on producing high-quality, paraben-free cosmetics.

7. Color Strokes

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Color­Strokes Cosmetics is a provider of private label color cosmetics, offering a range of natural, organic, vegan, and gluten-free products. They specialize in creating high-quality cosmetic brushes and mineral makeup, catering to companies seeking to brand and sell products under their own name with low minimum order requi­re­ments.

8. XJ Beauty

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As one of the larger cosmetic formu­lators in the United States, XJ beauty primarily works with large corpo­ra­tions. XJ’s lipstick lineup includes matte and liquid lipsticks, glosses, balms, and lip oils.

9. Lady Burd

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Lady Burd is a private-label cosmetics manufac­turer specia­lizing in lipsticks, lip glosses, lip finishers, and lip primers. Lady Burd is a leading provider of cruelty-free cosmetic products.

10. Sheen Color Group

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Sheen Color is a newer company that opened its first factory in the United States in 2019. It provides hot pours for lipsticks, glosses, lip lacquers, and liquid lipsticks.

Are you looking for lipstick manufac­turers? then you don’t need to look any further. Here you will not only find our top 10 lipstick manufac­turers, but also learn every­thing you need to know about lipstick production.


How is Lipstick Manufac­tured?

Lipstick manufac­turing is a delicate process that involves specific tempe­rature settings and handling.

Here’s a blueprint for how a typical lipstick is made:

Step 1: Melting

lipstick manufacturing step 1 melting

In order to properly merge oils and waxes, they are heated together at a tempe­rature between 70 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius inside a vessel. Specific tempe­ra­tures vary by formu­lation.

Step 2: Mixing

lipstick manufacturing step 2 mixing

In order to add colors and textures to lipsticks, pigments and additional ingre­dients are mixed with the oils and waxes. Common ingre­dients in lipsticks today include pigments, preser­va­tives, antioxi­dants, and fragrances. These ingre­dients are mixed until fully integrated.

Step 3: Pouring

lipstick manufacturing step 3 pouring

Once a lipstick mixture has been formu­lated, it is poured into metal or plastic molds that create the signature “tube shape” that makes lipsticks recognizable.

Step 4: Cooling

lipstick manufacturing step 4 cooling

Once poured, lipstick formu­la­tions must be cooled in order to allow the mixture to solidify. Depending on the process chosen, molds can either be cooled at room tempe­rature or placed in low-tempe­rature cooling appara­tuses.

Step 5: Finishing

lipstick manufacturing step 5 finishing

Once hardened, lipsticks are removed from their molds to be packaged. In some cases, the lipstick manufac­turer will coat the finished product with polishes or extra ingre­dients that create additional sheen or smoothness.

Step 6: Labeling & Packaging

lipstick manufacturing step 6 packaging

For brands concerned about the cost and warehousing space needed to label, package, and store lipstick products, it’s helpful to know that full-service lipstick manufac­turers cover this final portion of getting products on the market.

Packaging options can range from simple plastic tubes to high-end, designer-quality cases. Each lipstick batch will be labeled with brand details, color infor­mation, ingre­dients, contact infor­mation, selling points, and other infor­mation deemed relevant by the brand.

Step 7: Quality Control

lipstick manufacturing step 7 quality control

Prior to being deployed for sale, each lipstick batch is subjected to rigorous quality-control testing to ensure that consumers will receive products that meet both brand standards and legal standards. Items covered during an inspection include color consis­tency, shape, texture, smell, and general appearance.

How to Choose a Lipstick Manufac­turer?

The rundown of how lipstick is made that’s covered above really highlights the complexity of bringing a cosmetic product on the market.

That’s why pairing with the right lipstick manufac­turer is vital for ensuring quality, scala­bility, and cost control.

What should you look for when searching for a lipstick manufac­turer?

1. Minimum Order Quantity

minimum order quantity (MOQ) illustration

First, be sure to inquire about minimum order quantity (MOQ). MOQ refers to the number of units required in order for a batch to be made.

For brands, the goal is to reach the profit-making sweet spot between having decent inventory and staying aligned with the retail price point. 

2. Cost per Unit

cost per unit of contract manufacturers illustration

In addition to asking about MOQ, be sure to inquire about cost per unit to get a picture of what the costs for bringing a lipstick line to life will look like!

MOQ alone is not enough to evaluate the best option — even when you’re running on a budget.

Take for example, Supplier XYZ and us, SBLC Cosmetics.

Supplier XYZ

  • MOQ: 500 Units
  • Cost per Unit: ≈6€

SBLC Cosmetics

  • MOQ: 1000 Units
  • Cost per Unit: ≈3€

That’s why you should definitely ask for the unit price when choosing between lipstick manufac­turers.

3. Production & Lead Time

production and lead time illustration

Production time (or lead time) is the length of time between placing your order and completion of production.

Time to market is the length of time it takes from a lipstick being developed until it’s being available for sale.

It’s something you should ask lipstick manufac­turers as soon as possible because it can be a dealb­reaker.

You would rather not waste your time talking to a lipstick manufac­turer for months and then, when you are finally ready to order, you find out the production time exceeds your deadline.

4. Premade Formu­la­tions

premade formulations illustration

In the fast-paced lipstick industry, brands often rush to launch products. If you do not plan to develop your own formula, one shortcut is using ready-made formu­la­tions (private label lipsticks) from lipstick manufac­turers instead of creating custom ones.

This approach saves time on research, develo­pment, and decision-making.

So instead of working with a pure cosmetic contract manufac­turer, definitely make sure your lipstick manufac­turer has some premade formu­la­tions you like.

5. Legal Compliance

Cosmetic regulations funnel Illustration

Finally, inquire about a lipstick manufac­tu­rer’s certi­fi­cation. Generally, lipstick manufac­turers based in Europe operate according to the strictest guide­lines, which means their lipsticks are safe to sell in basically any country in the world.

Lipsticks made in the USA are also safe to sell in most countries. But when it comes to lipstick manufac­turers from Asia, you should be more careful about legal compliance.

Choosing a company that does not meet regulatory standards for product safety and standards could result in fines, lawsuits, and irrever­sible damage to a brand.

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