Top 9 Luxury Private Label Cosmetics Manufac­turers (+Guide)

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Company NameCountry
1SBLC CosmeticsGermany 🇩🇪
2Exquisite LuxuryUK 🇬🇧
3TemmentecSwitz­erland 🇨🇭
4BIOK LabLithuanian 🇱🇹
5CosmetizeNether­lands 🇳🇱
6Cosmetic ServiceItaly 🇮🇹
7Labo CreationFrance 🇫🇷
8M:Plus CosmeticsItaly 🇮🇹
9Oyster CosmeticsFrance 🇫🇷

1. SBLC Cosmetics 🇩🇪

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We, at SBLC, offer the widest product range and lowest minimum order quantities on this list of luxury private label manufac­turers. We provide every­thing from makeup for the face, lips, nails and eyes, to skin care and hair care.

Thanks to our close partner­ships with some of the world’s best cosmetic manufac­turers (they manufacture for Dior, Chanel & Tom Ford as well) and our large order quantities, we offer the highest quality standards while maintaining compe­titive pricing.

You can get most luxury private label cosmetic products starting from just 1000 units.

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2. Exquisite Luxury 🇬🇧

Exquisite Luxury website hero shot

Exquisite Luxury is an award winning (British Made Awards 20212) cosmetics manufac­turer. Besides offering luxury private label skin care and hair care, they also provide in-house research and develo­pment free of charge when placing an order. Even though they might have slightly higher unit prices, this service free of charge is unmatched in the cosmetic industry. 

3. Temmentec 🇨🇭

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Temmentec, based in Switz­erland, is a full-service manufac­turer for luxury private label cosmetics. They operate under strict quality standards like GMP ISO 22716, Process Management ISO 9001 and Environ­mental Management ISO 14001. When working with them, you get a one-stop-solution for care cosmetics. Be aware, that they do not offer colour cosmetics (makeup) though.

4. BIOK Lab 🇱🇹

BIOK Lab website hero shot

BIOK Lab spezialize on natural and organic cosmetic products. Such products are usually a good starting point to build a luxury cosmetics brand, since such natural and organic ingre­dients can justify a higher price. They offer both ready-to-go-formulas and tailor-made solutions.

5. Cosmetize 🇳🇱

Cosmetize website hero shot

Cosmetize is the number one private label supplier for cosmetic in the Nether­lands. What makes them unique is their wide range of cosmetics, from skin care, to makeup and fragrances. The only downside are their minimum order quantities. Most skin & hair care products start at 5,000 units while makeup starts even higher at 10,000 units.

6. Cosmetic Service 🇮🇹

cosmetic service hero shot

Cosmetic Service is a hidden gem for high quality private label nail polish. Their website is pretty hard to find and not the prettiest t.b.h. But don’t let this distract you. They offer all kinds of high-end private label makeup and hair care, with their speciality being nail polish.

7. Labo Creation 🇫🇷

Labo creation Labo creation website hero shot

Labo Creation is a french cosmetic manufac­turer for all kinds of cosmetic products. They offer private label options for different types of personal care, well-being, and makeup products. You can choose from buying the formu­lation only or the fully finished product (ready to sell).

8. M:Plus Cosmetics 🇮🇹

mplus website hero shot

M:Plus Cosmetics starting with just producing mascaras. Over the last few years they expanded their product range drasti­cally. Now they offer a wide range of makeup products for face, eyes and lips. They are familiar with legal requi­re­ments all around the world, since they have an inter­na­tional customer base, including USA, Thailand and many European countries.

9. Oyster Cosmetics 🇫🇷

Oyster website hero shot

With a capacity of over 100 million pieces a year and over 65,000 sqm production facility, Oyster Cosmetics in one of the leading cosmetic manufac­turers in France. Nethert­heless, they also help smaller brands to get started by offering a wide range of private label products. They speci

alize in permanent colouring creams/oils, styling products, hair care and skin care.


What is Luxury Private Label Cosmetics?

Private label cosmetics are available at different quality levels. Most people associate private label cosmetic products with poor to medium quality.

But that’s not always true!

what is Luxury Private Label Cosmetics illustration

There are indeed high-end, luxury private label cosmetic companies where you can get pre-formu­lated cosmetic products of premium quality.

In fact, you can get private label cosmetics that can keep up with the quality level of cosmetic brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior or Lancôme.

So let’s have a closer look at where you find those luxury private label cosmetic manufac­turers and what you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

Types and Minimum Order Quantity of Luxury Private Label Cosmetics

In order to share with you the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for luxury private label cosmetics, we have to break it down into two different types of private label cosmetics (as explained in our blog post about private label cosmetics).

Types & MOQ of private label Luxury Cosmetics illustration

Avoid Pre-Manufac­tured Cosmetics

The first one is pre-manufac­tured cosmetic products. They are on stock and can be labelled with your logo.

The minimum order quantities and custo­mization options are typically very low and the unit price high.

This is not what you should look out for, when searching for luxury private label cosmetics, since the quality of those products isn’t too good.

Pre-Formu­lated Luxury Private Label Cosmetics Start at 1000 Units

The second type is what you want when looking for premium quality cosmetic products.

This type of private label cosmetics describes pre-formu­lated but not pre-manufac­tured products.

You save time and money for research and develo­pment while maintaining a decent degree of custo­mization options (e.g. changing the packaging).

Since they are manufac­tured just for you, the minimum order quantity is higher. Depending on the product and manufac­turer, it usually starts at 1000–3000 units.

Where Are Luxury Private Label Cosmetics Made in?

Luxury private label cosmetics are predo­mi­nantly manufac­tured in Europe.

There are some decent manufac­turers all around the world, but most brands vow on Europe when it comes to luxury private label cosmetics.

Where private label Luxury Cosmetics is Made in illustration

Which country in Europe you should look for, depends on the product.

While most skin care is manufac­tured in France, Italy is known for its high-end makeup manufac­turers, and Germany manufac­tures some of the world’s best liners (lip liner, eyeliner etc.).

PRO TIP: While regular private label cosmetic suppliers sell fully finished products, most luxury private label cosmetic manufac­turers only sell bulk (e.g. day cream in kg). You should buy packaging (e.g. glass jar) from a manufac­turer specia­lized in packaging, and then get the bulk filled into the packaging.

A cosmetic product is considered to be made in the country where it is put together, mixed, or packaged, even if its ingre­dients come from different countries.

So even if you get your packaging (e.g. glass jar) from China, but the bulk & filling from France, your product is made in France.

We Are Here, to Make This Process Easier for You

This process of ordering components from diffe­renct countries and bringing them all togehter can be quite complex.

With us, you have a full-service partner to get your very own fully finished luxury private label cosmetic products ready to sell.

We have a large selection of high quality pre-formu­lated cosmetic products you can choose from.

Thanks to our close partner­ships with some of the best cosmetic manufac­turers from all over the world, we then pick the manufac­turers that best suit your needs. 

How to Create a Luxury Private Label Cosmetics Brand?

Luxury private label cosmetics are not just about selling high quality cosmetic products.

Create a Luxury private label Cosmetics Brand illustration

There’s more to pay to attention to, when starting a luxury cosmetic brand.

Brand Design is one of these things.

You could even argue, this is more important than the product itself.

The Power of Luxury Brand Design

The most under­rated factor when it comes to luxury private label cosmetics is the brand design.

Since it’s most likely not possible to test your cosmetic products before buying, your audience will judge the value of your products based on what they see. 

A brand design can make or break your private label luxury cosmetics brand. It can look cheap and untrusty, or high-end and trust­worthy.

Making the product expensive and giving it a minimalist design is not enough.

It goes way beyond that.

It’s all about this luxurious experience, when visiting your website, buying your products and unboxing them for the first time.

The Role of Packaging for Luxury Private Label Cosmetics

When talking about unboxing your products, let’s have a look at how a luxury cosmetic packaging should look like.

Packaging for private label Luxury Cosmetics illustration

There are basically three layers of packaging.

  1. Primary packaging
  2. Secondary packaging
  3. Shipping Box

1. Primary Packaging

First, there is the primary packaging.

It’s the packaging of the actual product (glass jar, lipstick container etc.).

Because customers hold it in their hands every time they use your products, it should feel very high quality.

PRO TIP: One trick many brands use to make a packaging feel more luxury, is to increase the thickness of it. 

Think of a thick, very solid plastic container (e.g. drunk elephants products) compared to a thin plastic bottle, that you can squeeze in by hand (most low-priced shampoos).

2. Seondary Packaging

Then there’s the secondary packaging.

The most common is a small folding box, where your product is inside.

It not only protects the product, it also serves as an extra space for conveying this luxury feeling.

You have way more options to customize this packaging, than the primary packaging (e.g. printing area and number of colours on a glass jar are very limited).

There’s no limitation in the number of colours and much more space for creativity.

PRO TIP: Another reason why most luxury private label cosmetics brand choose to add a secondary packaging, is to store all the required infor­mation on it.

Otherwise, you’d have to print things like address and ingre­dients on the primary packaging, what makes it look cluttered and less luxurious.

3. Shipping Box

If you run an online store to sell your products, you should think about a custom shipping box.

It’s the first (physical) touch­point with your customers.

Make sure this one is great. First impres­sions are crucial!

This makes the unboxing experience way more unique and fun for your customers. At the end, they don’t just buy the product, they buy this luxury feeling that comes with your products.

PRO TIP: In case you cannot afford a custom shipping box for the start or think it’s not worth it, think about adding some branded tape or wrapping paper at least.

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