India’s best manufac­turers

Makeup Manufac­turers
in India

With our unique network to the best cosmetics & makeup manufac­turers in India, you can have any makeup product made in the best quality available. We offer the best service from all suppliers. We take care of the product develo­pment, samples & free delivery of your products.

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High end quality

Over 100 Makeup Manufac­turers
in India

Did you know that some renowned makeup brands that you know too, have their products manufac­tured in India? We have a partnership with the same makeup manufac­turers as estab­lished brands such as Gucci, Dior etc.
With our help, you can get your products from these makeup manufac­turers.

Brand Develo­pment

Our young team of experts aims on achieving the latest & most advanced brand develo­pment so that your brand can stand out amongst your compe­titors.

Private Label Production

We have the lowest minimum purchase quantities in the entire cosmetics industry but our quality is market-leading.

Product Develo­pment

Our product specia­lists will develop your cosmetic products based on your ideas. You can choose between white label, private label and custom production.

top 3 makeup categories

Makeup Portfolio

This is just a sample of our top 3 makeup categories.
We can produce almost every makeup & makeup access­ories product in best quality.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup still reigns supreme when it comes to attention-drawing adornment. That´s why it is a great choice to start your makeup brand with. 

Face Makeup

We provide you with the best quality on the market. We help you realize not only the content of your products, but also a special packaging and mechanics.

Lips & Nails

You can choose from thousands of unique colors, and we use our experience and data to help you pick only the best qualities.
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Let’s talk about your makeup

Brain­storm with us in our first meeting. Tell us more about your project, what you expect, and we will help you get started in launching your very own brand.

It has never been so simple

Only 3 steps to your makeup product

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Product Selection

Choose your products from thousands of worldwide proven & market-leading private label makeup products. We will send you free samples until you are 100% happy with your choice.


Product Design

Aside from the product itself, the product design is crucial in creating a successful brand. It’s your choice whether you want to use your own brand design or let our experts handle it for you.



After you are satisfied with the makeup product & the design, production will start right away. The finished products will be in your hands within only a few months.

We look forward to getting to know you!