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Face Makeup

At SBLC, we’re all about bringing unique, flexible manufac­turing solutions to the table and advise you on every­thing regarding face makeup. What makes a foundation high quality, what packaging fits a concealer best, or what ingre­dient should be used in a primer? We’ve got a lineup of custo­mizable face makeup products ready for you. We’re adapting to your needs and making sure your vision for your cosmetic line comes to life just the way you imagined it. 


You can pick one of our base formu­la­tions or create your own from scratch.

Private Label Service

Tested and approved Products to launch both swiftly and cost-effec­tively.


We will help you to develop a truly unique and modern beauty brand to stand out.


In a market where it’s all about aesthetics, design is as important as the product.

Product Portfolio

We have all sorts of Face Makeup


Discover a variety of foundation options, whether that’s liquid, cream, and powder formu­la­tions. You can choose the level of coverage, finish, skincare benefits and shade range.


We manufacture concealers with high coverage and a range of different textures and shades. We focus on creating products that work for many skin tones and textures.


Our concealers are designed to offer effective coverage with a range of textures and shades. We focus on creating formu­la­tions that cater to diverse skin tones, ensuring inclu­sivity in your product line.


Explore our selection of face powders, for setting makeup, matti­fying skin, or providing additional coverage. We provide a spectrum of formu­la­tions.


We manufacture blushes in powder and cream forms, available in any shade and finish. We focus on high-quality pigmen­tation and blenda­bility.


We manufacture blushes in both powder and cream forms, available in a range of shades and finishes. Our focus on high-quality pigmen­tation and blenda­bility ensures that your blush offerings enhance any makeup collection.

BB & CC Cream

 BB and CC creams combine skincare with makeup and often only provide light coverage. These products can be custo­mized regarding coverage, skincare benefits, and SPF levels.

Tinted Moistu­rizer

We produce tinted moistu­rizers that hydrate and protect while offering a subtle tint. These products can be custo­mized with various skincare benefits.

Tinted Moistu­rizer

We produce tinted moistu­rizers that hydrate and protect while offering a subtle tint. These products can be custo­mized with various skincare benefits, fitting seamlessly into any cosmetic collection.

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Our selection of cosmetic primers are formu­lated for different skin types. These primers create a smooth base for makeup appli­cation, and help to make the makeup of your customers long lasting.


 Highlighters in forms like powder, liquid or cream. Custo­mization in finishes and inten­sities to suit your idea of an ideal highlighter.


We provide highlighters in multiple forms like powder, liquid, cream, and more. Our manufac­turing process allows for custo­mization in finishes and inten­sities, enabling you to cater to different makeup styles and consumer prefe­rences.


Our bronzers come in various shades and formu­la­tions. We offer matte, shimmery, and sun-kissed finishes.

Face Brush

We supply makeup brushes with a variety of bristle types and materials, designed for a seamless appli­cation.

Face Brush

A makeup brush is a bristle tool to apply makeup or paint the face. The bristles may be made from natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is available in the form of plastic or wood. When applying makeup, using the right brush will give a more seamless transition onto the skin.

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Setting Spray

Our setting sprays are formu­lated to extend the wear of makeup and maintain a fresh appearance. We provide options for different skin types and makeup finishes.

Custom Products

Beyond our extensive range, we offer custom product develo­pment services, enabling you to produce any cosmetic product according to your specific requi­re­ments.

Custom Products

This is only an excerpt of our face makeup bestsellers. We can produce almost any cosmetic product and realize all of your requests.