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At SBLC Cosmetics, our team is not only passionate about the cosmetics industry but also committed to helping you achieve your goals. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our team is focused on delivering the best services and support to make your cosmetics brand a success.

Choosing a private label partner from Germany ensures that you benefit from world-class quality and safety standards. With our team’s vast experience and dedication, you can trust us to deliver excep­tional products and services.

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Where it all started

Founding Team

Our leadership team combines years of experience and diverse expertise. Our unwavering commitment to excel­lence, paired with our passion for the cosmetics industry, guarantees a superior experience for our clients. Let us help you turn your vision into reality and make your cosmetics brand a true success.

moritz kronacker managing partner sblc cosmetics

Moritz Kronacker

Managing Partner

raphael gonzalez head of sales sblc cosmetics

Raphael Gonzalez

Head of Sales


Michael Schmidt

Head of Marketing

sascha reinhard senior manager sblc cosmetics

Sascha Reinhard

Senior Manager

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Our Story, Your Success

Our journey began with a shared passion for the cosmetics industry and a dream of creating our own unique brand. However, we quickly disco­vered that the path to success was riddled with obstacles. Renowned cosmetics manufac­turers seemed uninte­rested in partnering with emerging brands that required relatively small minimum order quantities. 

We realized that if we faced such challenges, others must be experi­encing similar diffi­culties.

Our search for high-quality cosmetics led us to explore manufac­turers from different corners of the world. While many were located in Asia, visiting their facilities was not always feasible. Furthermore, evaluating the quality and safety of products from unknown manufac­turers proved to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

We dedicated ourselves to building an extensive network of the most reputable cosmetics manufac­turers, parti­cu­larly those specia­lizing in color cosmetics.

Today, we are proud to offer you unpar­al­leled access to the best cosmetics manufac­turers worldwide. Our long-standing partner­ships enable us to negotiate the smallest minimum order quantities and best prices in the private label market, making high-quality cosmetics acces­sible to brands of all sizes. By working together, we can turn your vision for your cosmetics brand into a reality that thrives in an incre­asingly compe­titive industry.

Our commitment to your success is the driving force behind our mission.

We strive to create an environment where your story becomes our story, and your growth is a testament to our colla­bo­rative journey. Join us on this exciting path and let us help you write the next chapter of your brand’s success story.

Best Service in the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics has never been so easy

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Exclusive Partner­ships with Renowned Manufac­turers

Our long-standing and close relati­onships with the world’s leading cosmetics manufac­turers have been culti­vated over years of colla­bo­ration and mutual growth. These valuable partner­ships allow us to provide you with unpre­ce­dented access to top-tier production facilities that excel in both quality and innovation.

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Compli­mentary Samples

Unlike other cosmetic manufac­turers who charge high prices for samples, we believe in our products’ excel­lence and strive to ensure your complete satis­faction. To achieve this, we provide free samples until you are 100% happy with the final product.

production of beauty products yellow liquid
Shot of symmetrically arranged lipsticks in different shades of red with silver case

Flexible Minimum Order Quantities

We offer the smallest minimum order quantities in the private label market for high-quality (decorative) cosmetics. With select products available in quantities as low as 1,000 pieces, we cater to both emerging and estab­lished brands. This flexi­bility fosters an environment for scalable growth and enables you to adapt your product range according to market demand.

We look forward to getting to know you!