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SBLC Cosmetics has its headquarters in the heart of Munich. From there, we are in close daily exchange with the most renowned contract cosmetics manufac­turers around the world to offer our customers the best possible quality. We take full respon­si­bility for the quality & safety of your make-up products!

With a private label partner from Germany at your side, you are always on the safe side.

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Your story is our story

Just like you, we wanted to start building our own cosmetics brand ourselves one day. We were soon disap­pointed to discover that well-known cosmetics manufac­turers had no interest in our relatively small minimum purchase quantities. However, everyone starts small, right?

And how were we even supposed to know which manufac­turers would deliver high quality cosmetics? Especially because most cosmetics manufac­turers for makeup are located in Asia and a visit was not readily available. In addition, manufac­turers pay an extra­or­di­narily high price for their samples, and having them put through their paces in the lab is extremely expensive.

So on the one hand we were faced with closed doors at renowned manufac­turers and on the other hand it was impos­sible for us to ensure the quality and safety of makeup products from unknown manufac­turers in Asia.

After over 40 years of corporate experience with one of the largest cosmetics distri­butors of all time, we have succeeded in building an extensive network with the best cosmetics manufac­turers especially for color cosmetics around the globe.

This allows us to not only open the doors to the best makeup manufac­turers in the world, but thanks to our long-standing partner­ships, we can also offer you the smallest minimum purchase quantities of any private label makeup supplier.

Best Service in the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics has never been so easy

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Partner­ships with renowned cosmetic manufac­turers

Our long-standing & close partner­ships
with the world’s leading cosmetic manufac­turers allow you to enter often closed doors.

Free samples

Cosmetic manufac­turers often let you pay an extra­or­di­narily high price for samples. We will send you free samples until you are 100% happy with it.

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Small minimum order quantity

We have the smallest minimum purchase quantities among all private label suppliers for high quality decorative cosmetics.
Depending on the product, quantities as low as 1000 pieces can be realized.

We look forward to getting to know you!