Top 10 Cosmetic Manufac­turers for the UAE [in 2024]

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If you are in the UAE and looking for cosmetic manufac­turers, you’ll soon notice that there are just a few in the UAE. Most manufac­turers for skin care, hair care and makeup are located in Europe, USA, and China. 

But no worries!

Some manufac­turers (like us) are very familiar with the UAE market, its needs and regula­tions, and have one of their largest sales markets in the UAE.

In this list, you will only find cosmetics manufac­turers that are based in the UAE or are familiar with the UAE.

1. SBLC Cosmetics

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We are based in Germany and offer both high-quality private label and custo­mised cosmetic products. Our one-stop approach with products ranging from all kinds of makeup to skin care and hair care makes us unique on this list.

We’ll guarantee a prompt and uncom­pli­cated commu­ni­cation with a personal contact, efficient and modern processes for shorter lead times, first-class brand and product design team, full service for certi­fi­ca­tions and notifi­cation of products in the UAE as well as door-to-door delivery.

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2. L’Origine

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L’Origine is a cosmetics manufac­turer that offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufac­turing) services. They have high quality standards (GMP, ISO22716 & EQM) and can produce a wide range of cosmetic, aerosol, perfume and home care products for different markets. They don’t offer makeup products, though. Their project life cycle includes sharing a brief, estimating prices, developing samples, and providing a final quote.

3. Cosmetize

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Cosmetize handles production for various clients, including retailers, distri­butors and salons. They can manage both small and large orders. Cosmetize follows strict legal and quality standards, including Good Manufac­turing Practices (GMP ISO 22716:2007). With facilities across Europe and headquarters in the Dutch city of Harderwijk, they ensure high-quality cosmetic products.

4. Florence Cosmetics

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Florence Cosmetics Manufac­turing Ind. LLC was estab­lished in 2013. The company is ISO certified and serves profes­sional beauty markets in GCC countries and parts of Africa. Additio­nally. With a strong commitment to research and develo­pment, the company is recognized as a signi­ficant player in the UAE cosmetic sector.

5. Ausmetics

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Ausmetics does both: private label and contract manufac­turing. Their product offerings include halal, organic, natural, and cruelty-free collec­tions. The facility is certified to inter­na­tional standards such as ISO22716 and GMPC, and has been audited by reputable third parties such as ITS and SGS. This makes a safe choice even though the manufac­turer is located in China where regula­tions are different compared to UAE.

6. NG Beauty World

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NG Beauty World operates advanced labora­tories in Dubai, featuring state-of-the-art technology. While the they do not offer private label formu­la­tions, they focus on developing innovative beauty techno­logies and products. They maintain high quality standards, as evidenced by ISO certi­fi­ca­tions. Their labora­tories are capable of formu­lating a wide range of beauty products, including hair color cremes, skin care, and body care treat­ments, tailored to meet global market demands.

7. Herrco Cosmetics

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Herrco Cosmetics, based in the UK, is a full-service beauty and cosmetics manufac­turer known for award-winning formu­la­tions. Herrco offers low minimum order quantities starting from 3,000 units per SKU and provides scalable production infra­structure to grow with brand demands. They specialize in natural and organic (and therefore also halal) cosmetics, certified to the COSMOS standard by the Soil Association. 

8. Radical Cosmetics

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Radical Cosmetics specia­lizes in small MOQ private label makeup. They offer an online platform where you can check all prices and directly purchase sample kits to test their products. This is parti­cu­larly advan­ta­geous for new and smaller brands looking to enter the market without committing to large initial orders. 

9. Centre 7

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Centre 7, based in France, offers compre­hensive support throughout the develo­pment and production stages of cosmetic and hygiene products. They specialize in formula creation, manufac­turing, condi­tioning, and full-service contract manufac­turing. They also meet the COSMOS standard for subcon­tracting, what makes it a great choice for halal cosmetic products.

10. Cosmewax

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If you’re looking for hair removal or skin care products, Cosmewax might be the right partner for you. Based in Spain, they are highly regarded by global customers, earning a customer satis­faction score of 9.1 out of 10. Cosmewax offers product develo­pment and ongoing production support, also for clients from UAE.


Under­standing the UAE Cosmetic Market

The UAE’s cosmetic market is dynamic and diverse, and the country has a reputation for luxury shopping and high consumer spending.

This section explores the prefe­rences for beauty products in the UAE and highlights how these prefe­rences vary across different regions.

Consumer Prefe­rences and Market Trends in UAE

Social media, like Instagram and YouTube, helps new trends catch on fast.

Here’s a look at what’s trending in beauty prefe­rences:

  • High-Quality Products: Consumers prioritize quality and brand reputation, often choosing well-known brands.
  • Eco-Friendly Choices: There’s a noticeable shift towards environ­men­tally friendly and organic products.
  • Technology in Beauty: Devices and apps that offer perso­na­lized skincare advice are becoming incre­asingly popular.

Regional Varia­tions within the UAE

The taste in beauty products varies signi­fi­cantly from one emirate to another, because of the diverse demogra­phics throughout the country.

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In Dubai, the cosmo­po­litan population and the influx of tourists contribute to a robust demand for inter­na­tional luxury brands and the latest beauty innova­tions. This region is parti­cu­larly responsive to global beauty trends.

Sharjah and more Tradi­tional Areas

Sharjah and other conser­vative regions tend to prefer cosmetics that comply with Islamic laws, including halal-certified products, which are made according to specific standards that comply with religious practices.

Abu Dhabi

As the capital and one of the wealthier emirates, Abu Dhabi’s market leans towards exclusive, luxury products. Consumers here often seek products with unique, high-quality formu­la­tions that offer distinct benefits.

Youthful Areas

Places with a younger population, like areas near univer­sities or new residential develo­p­ments, show a prefe­rence for affordable and trendy cosmetics. These products cater to a style-conscious demographic that values both style and budget.

Regulatory Compliance in the UAE

Cosmetic companies operating in the UAE need to adhere to specific regula­tions that ensure product safety and compliance with Islamic laws.

Cosmetic Regulations in the UAE illustration

All cosmetics must be approved by the Emirates Authority for Standar­dization and Metrology (ESMA) before they can be sold. This process includes:

  • Product Regis­tration: Companies must register each product, providing a full list of ingre­dients and their concen­tra­tions.
  • Safety Testing: Products undergo safety testing to ensure they are free from harmful substances and safe for consumer use.
  • Halal Certi­fi­cation: For a product to be marketed as Halal, it must comply with Islamic law, which affects the sourcing of ingre­dients and manufac­turing processes.

Labelling Requi­re­ments in the UAE

Labeling is another crucial aspect. Labels on cosmetic products in the UAE must include:

  • Ingre­dient list in descending order of concen­tration.
  • Product’s country of origin.
  • Best before date or expiry date.
  • Safety warnings and usage instruc­tions in both Arabic and English

Halal Certi­fi­cation for Cosmetic Products

A key aspect of catering to the UAE cosmetic market is obtaining Halal certi­fi­cation for cosmetic products.

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To meet Halal standards, products must avoid certain non-Halal ingre­dients such as:


Not all alcohols are considered non-Halal, but those that are intoxi­cating when ingested are generally prohi­bited. This mainly refers to ethanol in concen­tra­tions that could be intoxi­cating.

Example: Ethanol in perfumes and toners.

Animal-derived Ingre­dients

Any ingre­dient derived from animals that are not slaugh­tered according to Islamic law is considered non-Halal. This also includes ingre­dients from forbidden animals such as pigs.


  • Gelatin: Often derived from the bones and skins of non-Halal slaugh­tered animals, used in emulsions and creams.
  • Carmine (Cochineal): A red pigment derived from insects, used in lipsticks and blushes.
  • Keratin: Typically sourced from the hair or horns of animals, used in hair care products.
  • Collagen: Usually derived from animal tissues, used in anti-aging products.

In the UAE, the Emirates Authority for Standar­dization and Metrology (ESMA) is one of the key organiza­tions that grants Halal certi­fi­cation.

At SBLC Cosmetics, we manage the entire certi­fi­cation process for our products, ensuring they meet the Halal standards set forth by ESMA. 

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