Top 10 Own Label Cosmetics Suppliers (+Prices)

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Own label cosmetics are a parti­cular type of private label cosmetics. While private label cosmetics can be both, pre-formu­lated and pre-produced products, own label Cosmetics refers to pre-produced products only.

Sometimes it’s referred to as white label cosmetics as well.

RankCompany Name
1SBLC Cosmetics
2Hankook Cosmetics
4KB Cosmetics
7Beauty Cosmetic
8BNB Korea
10Byjin Cosmetics
11Harry and Son’s
12STB Inter­na­tional
14World Sponge

1. SBLC Cosmetics

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First of all, as we offer pre-formu­lated but not pre-produced products, most of our products start at a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces.

If you want to start smaller, you’ll find some good suppliers on this list, where you can basically buy just one unit with your own label.

After this list, we’ll explain the pros and cons of pre-formu­lated vs. pre-manufac­tured products.

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2. Selfnamed

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If you’re looking for low MOQ skin, face or hair care, Selfnamed might be the best option for you. After you created a free account, you’ll find prices for every product for different order quantities starting from 1 unit up to 2000 units (50% off).

They have a very modern website with an integrated designer, where you can customize their products with your design.

A cleansing foam with your own label costs between $8.50 (1 units) and $5.34 (1000 units) for example.

3 . DR. HC Organics

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DR. HC Organics lets you choose between two options. Private label dropshipping (0 units MOQ) and private label wholesale (12 units MOQ).

Both options let you put your own label on their products. The best part is, their manufac­turing facility, based in California, is cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

They specialize in natural, organic, vegan & cruelty-free products. It’s rare that you find those clean beauty products is such low minimum order quantities.

4. Blanka

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If you plan to start a dropshipping business, this might be the right supplier for you. The only thing you need to start selling their products, is an online shop.

Blanka will take care of printing and shipping your products, once you receive an order.

Sounds too good to be true?

It kind of is, since their service is pretty expensive.

A basic lipstick, for example, costs around $8 — $10. You’ll have a hard time making a profit due to high unit prices and after taking all expenses for acqui­sition and opera­tions into account.

5. Auraline Beauty

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Auraline Beauty is the perfect choice if youre looking for small order quantities of own label makeup (and not skincare). They have a huge assortment covering all kinds of makeup for lips, nails, face, eyes and brows.

After you register for free, you get instant access to their product catalog with prices for different order quantities.

Own label starts at 48+ pieces and to give you an example, a lipstick with a one color logo costs $7.33 per unit.

6. Lady Burd

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Lady Burd is another cosmetic manufac­turer for own label cosmetics with very low MOQs.

For stock items they have a minimum budget of just $150 or 12 pieces per shade.

You can find all of their products and even the available shades on their website. If you’re interested in their products, you have to schedule a call to get access to the prices.

7. Mana Private Label

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When working with Mana Private Label, you can benefit from 45+ years of experience in the beauty industry. Over the years they have built up a diverse product assortment, ranging from makeup to skincare and tools.

The downside of this wide range of products is, they only offer a few options and varia­tions for most product. For example, they only offer one CC cream in just one shade.

8. Pravada Private Label

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Pravada specia­lizes in all skins of care products, like skin care, hair care and personal care. They are GMP and ISO certified, so all of their products should be compliant with FDA and EU regula­tions.

They start as little as 50 units per product. You can buy samples for a few dollars plus shipping directly via their website.

9. Pinnacle Cosmetics

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Pinnacle Cosmetics offers luxury makeup and skincare products, either unbranded or with your own label. Unbranded products have no minimum order quantity, so you can basically buy one product in a single shade.

Their products are really high quality and can be even used by profes­sionals.

10. Radical Cosmetics

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Radical Cosmetics is another own label makeup manufac­turer. The thing is, they do now label their products for you.

You have to take care about labelling the products by yourself. They will send you a list of printing/ labeling companies, you can ask for help.


How does Own Label Cosmetics work?

Cosmetic manufac­turers create formu­la­tions and choose a compa­tible packaging. Then they produce what’s called fully finished products and store it.

All they do, when ordering the product, is putting a label with your logo on the product.

Advan­tages of Own Label Cosmetics

There are numerous advan­tages associated with own label cosmetics.

The most important one, and the reason you might be searching for an own label cosmetic supplier as well, might be the low minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Since the products are already produced and there’s no production step beside putting your label on them, you can basically order one product at a time.

Another advantage is the short lead time.

Because the products are on stock, and labelling takes just takes a few working days, you’ll receive your custom own label products within a week or so.

Disad­van­tages of Own Label Cosmetics

You sell identical products that are already on the market under different brand names.

There’s nothing you can change in terms of formu­lation or packaging. The only diffe­rence is the label with your logo. This poor branding can make it really hard to diffe­ren­tiate from your compe­titors, which have superior branding.

The biggest downside (in our opinion) are the extremely high unit prices of own label cosmetics.

When compared to pre-formu­lated products that are not already on stock, but made just for you, you’ll find signi­ficant diffe­rences in prices.

Here’s a rough overview of average unit prices for some popular cosmetic products:

Prices for Own Label Cosmetics

Product0 MOQ1000 MOQ
1Lipstick$7.00 — $10.00$2.00 — $3.50
2Nail Polish$6.00 — $8.00$1.50 — $3.00
3Mascara$8.00 — $10.00$2.50 — $4.00
4Moistu­rizer$18.00 — $25.00$5.50 — $8.00
5Powder$9.00 — $12.00$3.00 — $4.50
6Face Brushes$10.00 — $12.00$1.50 — $3.00
7Eyeliner / Lipliner$5.00 — $7.50$1.50 — $2.50
8Foundation$10.00 — $12.00$4.00 — $5.50
9Lipgloss$6.00 — $8.00$2.00 — $3.50
10Shampoo$15.00 — $18.00$5.00 — $7.00

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