Top 10 Private Label Eye Lashes Manufac­turers

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What’s interesting about lash manufac­turers is that most of them focus solely on producing eyelashes.

It’s rare to find a lash manufac­turer that also makes other eye products like mascara or eyeshadow.

Another distinctive feature of this industry is that many private label lash manufac­turers are based in Asia.

This is because false lashes, unlike many other makeup products, are handmade, and labor costs outside Asia are prohi­bi­tively high.

That said, let’s dive into our list of the top 11 private label lash manufac­turers.

1. SBLC Cosmetics

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We are the only manufac­turer on this list that produces all kinds of other cosmetic products besides eyelashes. From skin care and hair care to all sorts of makeup products for the eyes, lips, nails and face.

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We have long-standing partner­ships with many of the best cosmetics manufac­turers in the world, each specia­lizing in certain products. Through our strategic relati­onships and bulk purchasing, we guarantee compe­titive prices!

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2. Starseed Makeup

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Starseed Makeup is one of the best eyelash manufac­turer from China. They specialize in custo­mized strip eyelashes, eyelash exten­sions, and private-label packaging. Their small MOQs (starting from just 50pcs) make them a popular choice for many startups that want to keep their initial investment small. They even offer a drop-shipping service for those who would like to start without any stock basically.

3. Elour Lashes

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Elour Lashes is a leading eyelash and extension manufac­turer in China with over 17 years of experience. Their 2,000-square-meter factory employs more than 150 workers, producing various eyelash exten­sions, premade fan exten­sions, strip lashes, and tools. They offer quality assurance, private labeling, and OEM/ODM services, serving over 3,000 brands worldwide.

4. Focus Lashes

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Focus Lashes is an experi­enced eyelash extension manufac­turer, operating for over 11 years. They specialize in private-label extension supplies, offering volume, classic, premade fan lashes, and more. They provide custom OEM/ODM orders and perso­na­lized brand solutions for whole­salers and brand owners worldwide.

5. Royal Korindah

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Royal Korindah offers a range of high-quality lashes including faux mink, silk hair, and thin/nano band styles. With over 50 years of experience, they hold ISO and GMP certi­fi­ca­tions and comply with inter­na­tional cosmetic standards like EC Regulation 1223/2009 and California Propo­sition 65. Their private label and custo­mization options help new brands get started with ease.

6. Hollyren

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Hollyren is an estab­lished eyelash manufac­turer specia­lizing in strip lashes, eyelash exten­sions, and related access­ories. With over 13 years in the industry, they maintain ISO9001 certi­fi­cation and a quality control process to meet inter­na­tional standards. Their product range includes 3D faux mink lashes, magnetic kits, and precise glue pens, backed by round-the-clock customer support.

7. Dolvlashes

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Dolvlashes is a custom eyelash manufac­turer in China, offering a wide range of synthetic, mink, and faux mink lashes. Their cruelty-free products are light­weight, voluminous, and custo­mizable to suit individual client needs. They specialize in private-label services, including custom packaging, labeling, and design.

8. Our Lash

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Our Lash, estab­lished in 2009, is a manufac­turer specia­lizing in eyelash exten­sions and strip eyelashes. They use top-quality Korean PBT fibers and adhere to ISO 9001 standards to ensure quality and consis­tency. Their product range includes faux mink exten­sions, premade fan lashes, and magnetic strip lashes. They have a focus on private labelling and eco-friendly practices.

9. Lash Factory

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Lash Factory China, estab­lished in 1998, is a leading eyelash manufac­turer and wholesale supplier with its own factory. They offer a range of products, including strip lashes, eyelash exten­sions, pre-made fan lashes, and custom private-label packaging. Known for their compe­titive factory prices and quality, they cater to inter­na­tional markets like the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. Side fact: Among their clients is Sephora as well.

10. HeyMe Beauty

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HeyMe Beauty is a leading eyelash manufac­turer based in China, catering to over 4,500 lash brands and business owners globally. They specialize in mink, vegan, and faux lashes, offering over 500 styles and custo­mizable packaging. Their services include private labeling, logo design, and perso­na­lized packaging, along with fast shipping and low MOQ support to help businesses start or expand their lash offerings. They emphasize sustainable, cruelty-free practices with their biode­gra­dable lashes made from plant fibers.

11. World­beauty Eyelashes

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World­beauty Eyelashes is a leading manufac­turer and supplier of high-quality eyelash products, including 3D faux mink, silk, and mink eyelashes, as well as eyelash exten­sions. With over ten years of production experience, they work with the largest eyelash factories in China, offering private label packaging, innovative designs, and custo­mizable products for inter­na­tional markets.

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