Top 10 Private Label Lip Gloss Manufac­turers (2024)

PlaceCompany NameCountry
1SBLC CosmeticsGermany 🇩🇪
2M:Plus CosmeticsItaly 🇮🇹
3BlankaCanada 🇨🇦
4Auraline BeautyUSA 🇺🇸
5Columbia CosmeticsUSA 🇺🇸
6Lee CosmeticsChina 🇨🇳
7Global CosmeticsChina 🇨🇳
8New Look CosmeticsUSA 🇺🇸
9YCY CosmeticsChina 🇨🇳
10Natures Own CosmeticsCanada 🇨🇦

1. SBLC Cosmetics

sblc cosmetics website hero shot

We are SBLC Cosmetics, a German cosmetics supplier specia­lizing in pre-developed color cosmetics. One of our best-selling products are our lip glosses.

Depending on the formu­lation, we offer minimum orders of 1,000 — 3,000 pieces per shade and full custo­mization.

We provide a full-service approach from concept to shelf — including brand develo­pment, product design, and secondary packaging (paper box). 

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2. M:Plus Cosmetics

MPlus Cosmetics, based in Milan, Italy, is a cosmetic manufac­turer specia­lizing in the production of various makeup products, including lip gloss.

They focus on luxury private label cosmetics, offering custo­mized solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. While the specific minimum order quantity (MOQ) for lip gloss was not detailed, we assume it’s around 3000–5000pcs per color.

3. Blanka

Blanka is a platform that enables users to create and sell their own branded line of makeup products, including lip gloss. The service operates with a unique model that elimi­nates minimum order quantities (MOQ) and order fees, allowing for a low barrier to entry for those looking to start a private label makeup business.

Blanka allows users to upload their logo, add products to their online store, and have orders dropshipped directly to customers without the need to hold inventory. 

With around $7 per unit for a basic lip gloss, they are pretty expensive though.

4. Auraline Beauty

Auraline Beauty is a private label cosmetics manufac­turer that specia­lizes in a variety of makeup products, including lip gloss.

They offer a range of lip gloss options such as Hydra-Gloss and Liquid to Matte Lipstick. What’s nice about their website, is that they showcase every private label product they offer with prices for different order quantities.

While Auraline Beauty doesn’t offer a dropshipping service, they also have very low minimum order quantities, starting from just 48pcs per color. Their prices are similar to Blanka with around $7 for a lipgloss with your logo on it.

5. Columbia Cosmetics

Columbia Cosmetics is an estab­lished private label cosmetic manufac­turer in North America. The company specia­lizes in lip gloss and other cosmetic products, offering custom formu­lation services as well as stock products.

They serve a global clientele that includes presti­gious cosmetic retailers, beauty salons, spas, and boutiques. The firm provides turnkey solutions supporting clients from product concept to full manufac­turing. 

6. Lee Cosmetics

Lee Cosmetics is on of the best lipgloss manufac­turers from China. On their website they showcase many different lip glosses that can be printed with your logo. You’ll find the MOQ, lead time and more for each lipgloss.

Most of their lipglosses start at around 3000pcs. To get the price, you’ll have to make a request.

7. Global Cosmetics

Global Cosmetics is an OEM/ODM cosmetic manufac­turer that specia­lizes in producing lip gloss products for private label brands. They offer a range of lip gloss formu­la­tions, including tinted lip oils, sheer glosses, matte glosses, and cream glosses.

Their minimum order quantity (MOQ) for lip gloss products is 10,000 units per order, or 5,000 units per color variation

8. New Look Cosmetics

New Look Cosmetics (NLC) is a full-service cosmetics manufac­turer based in the United States. They offer a wide range of product manufac­turing services, including formu­lation and production for face, eye, lip, and body cosmetics.

The are SGS and PETA certified and will help you with regulatory compliance.

As they do not advertise small MOQs for lip glosses, we assume, they start at around 3000 — 5000pcs per color. 

9. YCY Cosmetics

YCY Cosmetics is an OEM/ODM makeup manufac­turer based in Taiwan with around 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. 

This is a good choice if you are looking for high order quantities, starting from 12000pcs or more. You can request the price for their private label lip glosses via their website. We’ve tested their products, and they are really high quality.

10. Natures Own Cosmetics

Nature’s Own Cosmetics does offer private label lip gloss manufac­turing services as part of their cosmetics product line.

As a private label cosmetics manufac­turer certified to GMP guide­lines and ISO 9001 standards, they position themselves as a turnkey solution provider able to take lip gloss products from concept to completion for brands.

Their website showcases various lip gloss products they can produce, including lip gloss tubes in different finishes (glossy, matte, shimmery).

Similar to Auraline Beauty, they start at 1 unit but have pretty high unit prices.


As you might have noticed already, lipgloss manufac­turers have totally different minimum order quantities, ranging from 1pcs — 12,000pcs.

But why is that?

And what are the diffe­rences?

How do I know which lip gloss manufac­turer i should choose?

These are some of the questions that we are going to answer in this guide.

What are Private Label Lip Gloss Manufac­turers?

A lot of the lip glosses from different brands actually come from the same cosmetic manufac­turers. These manufac­turers are called private label manufac­turers.

Private label cosmetics means they make products that can be branded and sold by other companies. So instead of having their own brand, they create lip glosses for businesses to sell under their own brand name and packaging.

There are two types of private label lipgloss manufac­turers:

1. Pre-Manufac­tured Private Label Lip Glosses

For businesses looking to launch a lip gloss line quickly with minimal upfront investment, pre-manufac­tured lip glosses are an attractive option.

These are stock products that private label manufac­turers like Auraline Beauty have readily available.

Pre-made lip glosses typically have lower minimum order quantities, sometimes as low as 1 unit. This allows smaller brands and startups to test the market before committing to larger production runs.

2. Pre-Formu­lated Private Label Lip Glosses

On the other hand, pre-developed lip gloss formu­la­tions cater to brands seeking a more custo­mized product.

While the formula is pre-existing, you can also choose basically any packaging you like.

Some manufac­turers like us offer the ability to tweak factors like pigmen­tation, finish (matte, shimmery, glossy), and additives to create a unique signature product. 

However, this level of custo­mization often comes with higher minimum order requi­re­ments, ranging from 1,000 — 3,000 units per shade to ensure a good unit price.

What Type of Lipgloss Manufac­turer You Should Choose

With the two main options of pre-manufac­tured and pre-developed lip glosses, how do you decide which route is best for your brand?

Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Budget and Capital Available

Pre-manufac­tured lip glosses require a lower initial investment, with minimum orders starting around 1 — 50 units. This makes them ideal for businesses with limited budgets or startups testing the market.

Pre-developed formulas involve higher upfront costs for custo­mization and larger minimum orders of 1,000+ units per shade, better suited for brands with more capital to invest.

2. Unit Costs & Profit Margins

A key factor impacting long-term scala­bility is the unit cost diffe­rence between pre-manufac­tured and pre-developed lip gloss options.

Pre-manufac­tured stock formulas from private label lip gloss manufac­turers typically cost around $7 per unit.

In contrast, pre-developed custom lip glosses can have a unit cost of around $3.00 — roughly half the price of pre-made options.

This signi­ficant unit cost gap trans­lates to a much higher potential profit margin for brands using pre-developed lip gloss formu­la­tions.

As production volumes increase, these margin diffe­rences compound, making pre-developed lip glosses far more lucrative for businesses focused on maximizing profits long-term.

3. Desired Speed to Market

If your goal is to launch a lip gloss line quickly, pre-manufac­tured stock formu­la­tions allow you to go from order to shelves in just a few weeks.

Pre-developed lip glosses involve a longer process and might range between 2–4 months.

4. Product Uniqueness and Diffe­ren­tiation

Pre-developed lip gloss formu­la­tions offer the ability to create a truly signature product tailored to your speci­fi­ca­tions. You can choose and customize the packaging, and sometimes even adjust the formu­lation a little bit.

Pre-manufac­tured options provide less custo­mization, making it harder to stand out from compe­titors using similar stock formulas. It’s limited to putting your brands’ logo on the lip gloss..

5. Target Customer Base and Perceived Value

Customers seeking affordable, mainstream lip gloss options may be satisfied with pre-manufac­tured lip glosses.

However, brands targeting consumers who value premium, unique products may need to invest in pre-developed lip glosses to deliver a superior perceived value.

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