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Top 13 Skincare Manufac­turers and How to Choose One

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How to choose a
Private Label Skincare Manufac­turer

Starting a skincare brand is exciting but comes with many decisions. 

One important choice is selecting a private label skincare manufac­turer.

This choice will have a big impact on the quality and success of your products. 

Here’s how to navigate this important step:

Production capacity of skincare manufac­turers

Production capacity and capability are like two sides of the same coin, yet they serve different purposes in the skin-care manufac­turing world. 

Let’s unpack these terms a bit more.
When we talk about a manufac­tu­rer’s production capacity, we’re essen­tially talking about their ability to handle orders, big or small. 

It’s like a bakery that needs to have enough ovens to bake the number of bread loaves needed each day.

If you’re just starting, you might not need a lot of products at once, so a manufac­turer who can handle small orders without hiking up the price is a gem.

However, as your brand grows, you’d want them to have the ability to handle larger orders so that your supply chain runs smoothly.

Production capability of skincare manufac­turers

On the flip side, capability is about the variety. Going back to our bakery analogy, it’s like having the ability to bake different types of bread.

In skincare terms, this could translate to different products of your cosmetic line like creams, serums, or lotions. A manufac­turer might be an expert in creating face creams, but not as profi­cient in serums. 

So, when you’re working with a manufac­turer, it’s wise to ask about their experience with your specific product type. Ask for samples of previous work, or even better, references you can talk to.

Think big — expanding to more products

Here’s a pro tip: when considering the produc­tions capacity and capability, also think about the future. You might start with a single product, but as your brand expands, having a variety of cosmetic products could be the next step. 

So choosing a company who can grow with you, both in the volume of products and the variety, could be a smart move.

Another tip: A skin care manufac­turer who has a lot of suppliers in his reper­toire might be a good choice because they can provide with different products from skincare, haircare or makeup products if you already know you want to expand in the future.

Quality standards for skincare manufac­turers

Of course, quality in skincare is essential. When on the search for a manufac­turer, ensuring they have high quality standards is key. 

Here’s how you can go about this:

Important certi­fi­ca­tions for skincare manufac­turers

Certi­fi­ca­tions act like a manufac­tu­rer’s report card. A big one to look out for is ISO 22716 for Good Manufac­turing Practices (GMP) in cosmetics. 

This badge tells you, if they play by the inter­na­tional rules to keep products safe and of high quality.

And there’s more beyond ISO; if your brand aims for organic or cruelty-free products, check if the manufac­turer holds relevant certi­fi­ca­tions.

It also depends, where the manufac­turer is located. The laws and regula­tions in the EU might differ from those in the US.

Testing the products beforehand from skincare manufac­turers

 Just like you’d try a slice of cake before deciding to buy the whole thing, asking for samples from the manufac­turer is a wise move. 

Get a feeling of their work, especially products that are similar to what you plan to create. 

Check the texture, smell, and packaging. Would you be happy to see your brand’s name on this product?

The right skincare manufac­turers for your image

Besides the important decisions in choosing the right skincare manufac­turer, considering the image of your brand is important too.

The manufac­turer you choose will signi­fi­cantly reflect on your brand’s image and reputation in the market. 

For instance, if you aim for a green, eco-friendly image, coope­rating with a manufac­turer who holds the same values and certi­fi­ca­tions in sustainable practices is vital.

Skincare manufac­turers with a complete service

Some manufac­turers offer a complete service from product develo­pment to packaging. 

This can make the process easier and may save you time and money. They can help with formula creation, design, and even marketing support.

5 Red Flags when choosing a Skincare Manufac­turer

Going through the labyrinth of skincare manufac­turing requires a sharp eye for detail. Identi­fying warning signs can help you avoid potential issues. 

Here’s a deeper look into some of them:

1. Lack of commu­ni­cation

In any relati­onship, commu­ni­cation is the glue that holds things together. When it comes to choosing a skincare manufac­turer, a lack of commu­ni­cation can cause trouble. 

If they are slow to respond or their answers feel like they’re playing hide and seek, it’s a red flag. You want a manufac­turer who is on the ball, ready to engage, clarify, and colla­borate.

Imagine you have urgent changes to a big order, a slow response or lack of clarity could lead to errors, delays, and added costs.

2. Hidden costs

Costing should be trans­parent. If a manufac­turer is not upfront about their costs, or you discover additional charges popping up, it’s a red flag. 

This is about your budget, and unexpected costs can throw your numbers off balance. 

It’s recom­mended to ask for a detailed insight, that breaks down all the costs involved. 

This includes production, packaging, and any other additional charges. Knowing the full cost upfront helps you manage your budget and avoid surprises.

3. Lack of certi­fi­ca­tions

Certi­fi­ca­tions are like a manufacturer’s passport in the world of skincare manufac­turing.

They show that the manufac­turer meets certain quality and safety standards. If a manufac­turer lacks key certi­fi­ca­tions like ISO 22716 for Good Manufac­turing Practices (GMP) in cosmetics, it’s a red flag.

It could mean their products might not meet the quality and safety standards necessary for skincare products.

4. Negative reviews

Too many negative reviews or complaints are red flags waving at you. It shows a pattern of dissa­tis­faction from other clients. 

It’s not just about the number of negative reviews, but the nature of the complaints. 

Are they about quality, delivery, or customer service? These reviews can give you a glimpse into what to expect.

5. Limited product range

If a manufac­turer has a small range of products, it could limit your brand’s ability to grow and diversify. 

It might mean they lack the expertise to help you expand your cosmetic line in the future. When your brand is ready to explore new horizons, you’d want a company who can journey with you.

When looking for the right skincare manufac­turer, spotting these red flags can guide you away from potential pitfalls. 

It’s about finding a manufac­turer who is not just a good fit today, but one who has the capacity to grow with your brand.

Best 13 Skincare Manufac­turers Worldwide

Choosing the right manufac­turer is a big step towards the success of your skincare brand. Here are some top-notch manufac­turers from the USA and EU that stand out in the industry:

1. SBLC Cosmetics

Located in Germany, we provide a variety of high quality skincare, body, hair and makeup products. Through our partner­ships with top-tier suppliers from all over the world, SBLC has estab­lished a strong combi­nation of quality and variety for our clients.

Besides our wide range of products, we are the only one with a holistic approach. That’s why we offer full service packages that include every­thing, starting from a free personal consul­tation to brand and product design.

2. Trilogy Labora­tories

Specia­lizes in crafting skincare products including anti-aging creams, post-treatment products, and mineral makeup for global clients.

Besides offering their own branded products, they extend custom manufac­turing and a well-rounded private labeling program, assisting with label design and packaging

3. Cosmetic Solutions

Ambition to craft innovative, quality products that yield concrete results for consumers.

Initiated in the late 1980s by plastic surgeon Dr. Hilton Becker, it began with the develo­pment of a distinctive and natural line of topical treat­ments for patients.

4. Rains­hadow Labs

Specia­lizes in providing full-service private label manufac­turing services to natural and organic personal care brands, with a focus on skincare and custom formu­lation. 

Estab­lished in 1983 and headquar­tered in St. Helen’s, Oregon, they offer a range of services including product develo­pment, contract filling, and logistical support.

5. Dynamic Blending

is a global cosmetic manufac­turing company that provides innovative manufac­turing solutions, specia­lizing in turnkey contract manufac­turing of cosmetics, personal care, and skincare products among others. Estab­lished in 2015.

6. Bo Inter­na­tional

Based in New Delhi, specia­lizes in private label manufac­turing of cosmetics, including custom formu­la­tions. With an ISO 22716 certi­fi­cation, they uphold stringent quality and safety standards in their manufac­turing practices.

7. Vitelle Labs

Based in North America, specia­lizes in private label and contract manufac­turing of profes­sional skincare products.

Inter­na­tio­nally recognized, they cater to day and resort spas, medical spas, and eco spa markets, with a focus on natural,
plant-derived formu­la­tions enhanced with modern cosme­ceu­ticals.

8. HSA Cosmetics

Is an inter­na­tional private label skincare manufac­turer known for its innovative and quality custom formu­la­tions. 

Based in Varese, Italy, the company’s products are appre­ciated by profes­sionals and customers around the globe.

9. Lady Burd

Has been in the cosmetics business for over 50 years, specia­lizing in private label and contract manufac­turing of a wide range of beauty products.

Based in Long Island, New York, they offer their expertise to companies worldwide, aiding in the creation of high-quality, perso­na­lized cosmetic goods that include skincare items, color cosmetics, and much more

10. Evora Worldwide

Based in Largo, FL, specia­lizes in manufac­turing both standard and custom private-label skincare products such as skin creams and moistu­rizers since 20121. 

They are known for their innovative, high-perfor­mance ingre­dients tailored to meet customer expec­ta­tions.

11. Elvis Elvin Labs

Based in Branchburg, New Jersey, is a contract manufac­turer specia­lizing in skincare and color cosmetics for independent brands, especially favoring natural, green, and organic formu­la­tions. 

They are known for aiding small business brands to start their beauty ventures with low minimum batch requi­re­ments.

12. AMR Labs

based in Van Nuys, California, is a health and beauty contract manufac­turer providing turnkey services from idea to production. 

They specialize in creating quality skin, hair, and body care products for indivi­duals and companies worldwide

13. BeBeauty Products & Private Label

located in Garden Grove, California, specia­lizes in contract and private label manufac­turing of personal, beauty, skin, nail, and body care products including nail polish, gels, sugar scrubs, and more. Estab­lished in 2002.


Common Questions about Skincare Manufac­turers

How to find a skincare manufac­turer

Finding a skincare manufac­turer can start with online searches, attending industry events, or getting recom­men­da­tions from others in the industry. It’s essential to meet with manufac­turers, ask questions, and possibly visit their facilities.

Where is cosmetic manufac­tured?

Cosmetics are manufac­tured all over the world, with notable hubs in the USA and EU. The location can affect the cost, quality, and ethical standards of the products.

How much does it cost to manufacture skincare?

The cost to manufacture skincare products varies widely. It depends on the ingre­dients, packaging, order quantity, and manufac­tu­rer’s location. It’s important to get detailed infor­mation from manufac­turers to under­stand the costs fully.

With a thoughtful approach and research, selecting the right skincare manufac­turer can lead to  great partnership and a successful skincare line.

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