Top 17 Cosmetic Manufac­turers for Beginners in 2024 (+Guide)

RankNameCountryProduct Range
1SBLC Cosmetics🇩🇪Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Makeup Tools
2Dynamic Blending🇺🇸Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrances
3Columbia Cosmetics🇺🇸Makeup, Skin Care
4Cosmetic Solutions🇺🇸Skin Care
5Temmentec🇨🇭Skin Care
6Mind The Beauty🇨🇭Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care
7Radical Cosmetics🇺🇸Makeup
8Audrey Morris🇺🇸Makeup, Skin Care
9Lady Burd🇺🇸Makeup, Skin Care, Makeup Tools
11HSA Cosmetics🇮🇹Skin Care, Hair Care
12Onoxa🇺🇸Skin Care, Hair Care
13Mana Private Label🇺🇸 Makeup, Skin Care
14Pinnacle Cosmetics🇨🇦Makeup, Skin Care, Makeup Tools
15Indigo Private Label Cosmetics🇺🇸Makeup, Skin Care
16B4U Labs🇸🇮Skin Care
17Blanka🇨🇦Makeup, Skin Care, Makeup Tools

Of course, I have put us, SBLC Cosmetics, in first place 🙂.
But I am truly convinced that we offer the best service overall. However, we are unfort­u­nately not the right choice for prefa­bri­cated white label cosmetics and very small quantities (<1000 units). But you will find other white label cosmetics manufac­turers on the list.

1. SBLC Cosmetics

sblc cosmetics website hero shot

We are based in Germany and offer both high-quality private label and custo­mised cosmetic products. The range from makeup to skin care and hair care makes us unique on this list.

Our compre­hensive service includes every­thing you don’t get from most manufac­turers.

Prompt and uncom­pli­cated commu­ni­cation with a personal contact, efficient and modern processes for shorter lead times, first-class brand and product design team, full service for certi­fi­ca­tions and notifi­cation of products as well as door-to-door delivery.

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2. Dynamic Blending

dynamic blending hero shot

As a full-line private label manufac­turer, Dynamic Blending provides a range of turnkey cosmetics and skincare options. Their very low minimum order requi­rement makes them a preferred choice for those keen on market testing.

3. Columbia Cosmetics Manufac­turing

columbio comsetics hero shot

Columbia Cosmetics Manufac­turing Inc. is a California-based custom manufac­turer that specia­lizes in the develo­pment and production of skin care, hair care, and body care products. They offer a wide range of services, including product develo­pment, manufac­turing, and packaging design. 

4. Cosmetic Solutions

cosmetic solutions hero shot

Cosmetic Solutions works with brands in the skincare and personal care spaces to offer formu­la­tions for moistu­rizers, deodo­rants, and other products straddling the line between beauty and personal care.

5. Temmentec

temmentec ag hero shot

Temmentec AG specia­lizes in scalable services for helping new brands to bring their beauty products to the market using a “pick and choose” method for every­thing from formu­lation to logistics.

6. Mind The Beauty

mind the beauty hero shot

Mind the Beauty offers a complete partnership approach to business, creating unique private label skincare and cosmetics products. Their wide range of cosmetics and advisory services on marketing and branding make them a top choice for entre­pre­neurs.

7. Radical Cosmetics

radical cosmetics hero shot

A family-owned private label cosmetics manufac­turer, Radical Cosmetics excels in color cosmetics and skincare products. All of their products are domesti­cally produced, unders­coring their commitment to local business.

8. Audrey Morris

audrey morris cosmetics hero shot

As one of the oldest private label cosmetics manufac­turers in America, Audrey Morris provides both tradi­tional and mineral-based makeup lines. Their extensive product packaging and display options facilitate a swift launch for new cosmetics lines.

9. Lady Burd

lady burd hero shot

Lady Burd’s vast catalog of formulas and color choices simplify the search for the perfect blend. They also provide custom blends, tailored by their in-house chemists to meet individual needs.

10. ViaGlamour

viaGlamour hero shot

A featured Shopify partner, ViaGlamour provides easy ways to launch a vegan and cruelty-free product line. They offer ultra-fast shipping and a wide range of product options, including the oppor­tunity to create subscription boxes.

11. HSA Cosmetics

hsa cosmetics hero shot

Estab­lished more than 30 years ago in Italy, HSA Cosmetics has made a name for itself as a premier private label cosmetic company with extensive expertise in skin and hair care. Serving a broad range of customers globally, HSA Cosmetics is known for its remar­kable ability to create product lines that fulfill every profes­sional requi­rement.

12. Onoxa

onoxa hero shot

Renowned for its simple and effective process, Onoxa enables entre­pre­neurs to kickstart their skincare ventures effort­lessly. From product formu­lation to packaging, Onoxa handles all aspects and even provides compli­mentary label design services. Their standout customer reviews underscore the quality of their products and the ease of the startup process.

13. Mana Private Label

mana private label hero shot

Mana is a respected domestic producer of color, skin, and hair care private label products. Their adherence to Good Manufac­turing Practice (GMP) assures high-quality standards.

14. Pinnacle Cosmetics

pinnacle comsetics hero shot

Predo­mi­nantly based in Canada, Pinnacle Cosmetics delivers high-quality makeup and skincare products for various brands. Their quick turnaround times and pre-set collection of bestsellers enable entre­pre­neurs to launch their private label business swiftly.

15. Indigo Private Label Cosmetics

indigo private label cosmetics hero shot

Built on several genera­tions of makeup industry experience, Indigo offers outstanding service. Their no-minimum order policy makes them an excellent choice for budding entre­pre­neurs.

16. B4U Labs

b4u laboratories hero shot

Combining a low minimum order requi­rement with top-notch customer support, B4U Labs offers a compre­hensive private label service. Their simple three-step process aids in fast business setup.

17. Blanka

blanka hero shot

Offering multiple product lines, Blanka specia­lizes in a variety of cosmetics and skincare products. Their easy-to-use ecosystem and Shopify integration make it quick and simple to establish a brand.


How do I find the perfect Cosmetic Manufac­turers?

Finding the right cosmetic manufac­turers for your project can be a big challenge.

Especially in the outdated cosmetics industry, many reputable manufac­turers rely on word-of-mouth recom­men­da­tions, which is why they are unfort­u­nately often hard to find (online).

And once you’ve found and contacted a promising manufac­turer, you still have to figure out if the manufac­turer is a good fit for you and your project.

Because we have been told by our customers that they often had a hard time accessing and evaluating these factors, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the right manufac­turer.

Step 1

1. Create a List of Cosmetic Manufac­turers

To make an informed decision, I recommend you create a list of cosmetic manufac­turers that best suit your needs.

It’s best to do this in Google Sheets or Excel so that you don’t get confused later.

These columns could be useful:

  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Product range

I recommend creating a list of at least 10 Cosmetic Manufac­turers. This gives you enough room for the next step, where we are going to filter out some manufac­turers that don’t fit your project.

Search in Business Direc­tories specia­lized in Cosmetic Manufac­turers

To find potential cosmetic manufac­turers and their contact details, I recommend searching in business direc­tories that specialize in cosmetics.

Typically, these have higher quality listings than general direc­tories like Alibaba.

This is because manufac­turers are usually approved manually, unlike on Alibaba where anyone can register.

Here are some of my favorites:

The first directory is my personal insider tip, as only exhibitors from the world’s largest cosmetics trade fair, CosmoProf, are listed here.

And to become an exhibitor at CosmoProf, businesses have to meet strict requi­re­ments when manufac­turing cosmetics.

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Cosmetics Trade Fairs are under­rated nowadays

Attending trade fairs is of course much more time-consuming and expensive than searching online.

But in my opinion, it is totally undere­sti­mated nowadays, as many good cosmetic manufac­turers don’t even have an internet presence like we do. Or a terrible one.

It is really helpful to get to know someone from the company you are trying to work with face-to-face and will help you to be treated priori­tized compared to email inquiries.

But be aware that, depending on where you live, it can be pretty expensive to get to know them in person. Especially when you are starting out on a budget, it’s not always easy to invest so much money in building relati­onships before the business has even started.

For example, to attend one of the most popular cosmetic fairs in the world, the Cosmoprof, you have to travel to Bologna or Singapore.

This is why we like to ask our clients for a quick video call via Google Meet before we dive deep into their project.

Step 2

2. Narrow down your List of Cosmetic Manufac­turers

After you have compiled a list of all the cosmetic manufac­turers who might be worth a look, you should select the most promising ones.

It is usually not worth going further in the process of creating a cosmetic line with all the manufac­turers on your list. You should be able to sort them out based on a few criteria.

This saves both you and the manufac­tu­rer’s resources.

Ideally, you should limit your selection to 2 or 3 cosmetic manufac­turers to start with. This has the advantage that you can invest more time and resources in the most promising ones. If you don’t find the right one, you can always contact others later.

Does the Cosmetics Manufac­turer provide Every­thing you are looking for?

Try to identify the product range and expertise of the cosmetic manufac­turers on your list.

Delete all manufac­turers from your list that only offer some of your desired products.

It is much easier to build a strong relati­onship with one cosmetics manufac­turer than with many smaller ones from whom you only source certain products.

You can expand your range more easily, and you will have fewer problems with your supply chain.

Be careful with Government Regula­tions & Safety Standards

This is where you should really sort things out.

First of all: We have manufac­turers from every possible region of the world in our supplier network. And we have excellent partners from China as well. In parti­cular, for individual components such as secondary packaging (cardboard boxes for cosmetic products).

However, cosmetics regula­tions are unfort­u­nately very regional.

That is why, when it comes to compliance with these regula­tions, you are often on the safe side with a cosmetics manufac­turer from your own market.

Cosmetics regula­tions differ greatly from Europe to America, and from America to Asia even more. Even within Europe and Asia there are major diffe­rences.

As a general rule, Europe has the highest safety standards for cosmetics. This means that if a cosmetic product is manufac­tured in Europe (and therefore according to European guide­lines), it is also safe for all other countries. The only thing that needs to be adjusted is the language on the product packaging.

We have also seen our own customers receive fake certi­fi­cates from former Alibaba manufac­turers.

So be careful and check every manufac­turer as thoroughly as possible before you even consider working with them.

Step 3

3. Decide between Private Label and White Label Cosmetic Manufac­turers

Your list will likely include both white label and private label cosmetic manufac­turers. You should choose one of these two options before you proceed.

White label versus private label Illustration

The two main diffe­rences are the minimum order quantity and the custo­mization options.

White Label Cosmetics Manufac­turers

White label cosmetics manufac­turers typically have very low MOQs as the products are usually already on the shelf. 

With some cosmetic manufac­turers you can buy white label products starting from as little as 50 units.

The downside is you have no custo­mization options besides printing your logo on the product.

Private Label Cosmetics Manufac­turers

Private label cosmetics is totally different. You can customize the formula and choose the packaging. This way you have a truly unique product and not an off the shelf, ready-made product.

Also, private label products typically come in a much higher quality than white label products.

If you are a little more serious and have enough budget to buy around 1000 units, I would highly recommend private labelling.

Cosmetic Contract Manufac­turing

If you are absolutely sure from the very beginning that you would like to purchase fairly large quantities (> 1000–5000 units) and have a very specific idea of your product, you can also choose a cosmetic contract manufac­turer.

These usually do not offer ready-made formu­la­tions. This means that it will always come down to a new develo­pment. A new develo­pment is obviously associated with higher costs and purchase quantities.

However, we are one of the few excep­tions and offer new formu­la­tions for some products, such as Skin & Hair Care, from as little as 1000 units MOQ and one-off develo­pment fees of just 500 euros.

Step 4

4. Reach out to your Top 3 Cosmetic Manufac­turing Prospects

Now you have done your homework and found the most promising cosmetic manufac­turers.

It’s time to get in touch with them.

Reach out to your Top three Illustration

But what do I need to bear in mind and how can I increase the chances of a successful colla­bo­ration?

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The first Impression deter­mines the Level of Support you receive

As a cosmetic manufac­turer who receives many inquiries every day, we can tell you from our own experience that many cosmetic manufac­turers are very busy processing inquiries.

This is why some decide what level of support a prospective customer will receive already after the first point of contact.

Some manufac­turers even choose not to reply at all if the inquiry does not seem qualified or relevant enough.

This is how you should contact a Cosmetic Manufac­turer

Therefore, you should write a profes­sional email for your first outreach. It should contain as much infor­mation as possible so that the manufac­turer knows exactly what you are looking for.

Avoid texts like:

  • I would like now prices and MOQ or
  • Please send me your product catalogue.

I totally under­stand that this infor­mation is the most relevant for you. However, in most cases it is still a bit too early to ask for this.

At this point, you should describe your project and the desired products to the cosmetics manufac­turer as precisely as possible. Budget and desired purchase quantities can also help you to quickly get down to business with the manufac­turer.

This saves you and the manufac­turer a lot of time, as these condi­tions must be met for a cosmetics manufac­turer to be the right one for you.

Step 5

5. Ask the Cosmetic Manufac­turers for Product Samples

Once the general condi­tions have been clarified, i.e. if the manufac­turer can produce the products you want with the budget you have specified and in the quantities you require, you should definitely ask for samples.

Ask for Samples Illustration

How much should Samples cost?

Most serious cosmetic manufac­turers are willing to send you various product samples for free. Most of the time you only have to pay for shipping. 

Pay attention if a cosmetics manufac­turer charges a lot of money for samples or the shipping costs seem very high. This may be part of the manufac­tu­rer’s business model.

Don’t be afraid to ask for Modifi­ca­tions

A good private label cosmetics manufac­turer, unlike a white label cosmetics manufac­turer, should be able to customize a cosmetic product to your needs.

Although they are using standard formu­la­tions, you should be able to customize the fragrance, color or packaging.

And this should be completely free of charge!

Only if the ingre­dients are changed to an excessive extent may a develo­pment fee be charged.

This is because new tests such as a stability test or compa­ti­bility test have to be conducted. The cosmetics manufac­turer will incur considerable costs in the process.

Step 6

6. Choose your Cosmetic Manufac­turer

Now it’s time to make a decision.

Ideally, you should have been able to test samples from two to three different cosmetic manufac­turers for the same product.

Choose your Manufacturer Illustration

By now, you should also know the appro­ximate prices and minimum purchase quantities.

You should pay Attention to this when choosing a Cosmetic Manufac­turer

The samples alone should not make the final decision. There are many other factors that can play a major role.

For some things, such as delivery condi­tions, production and delivery times, you need to ask the manufac­turer. Other factors you should evaluate yourself.

You should consider factors such as:

  • Quality
  • Unit Price
  • Lead time (time between the initiation and completion of a production process)
  • Delivery time
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQ)
  • Commu­ni­cation
  • Relia­bility
  • Certi­fi­ca­tions (ISO, GMP, Ecocert etc.)
  • Shipping terms (EXW, FOB, door-to-door etc.)
  • Additional services like design services

The Choice depends on your individual Needs

Unfort­u­nately, it is impos­sible to make a clear recom­men­dation as to which cosmetics manufac­turer is best for you.

You should evaluate the factors above according to your individual needs.

Here are two examples to give you some guidance:

Maria is 24 Years old and would like to start her own Vegan Makeup Brand

MOQ: She would like to start with low quantities and a small investment without taking a big risk.

Commu­ni­cation: She might need support in choosing the right products and would be grateful for a personal contact whom she can reach at any time for questions.

Certi­fi­ca­tions: When it comes to certi­fying and regis­tering the products, she is currently still completely overwhelmed. She has considered seeking legal advice, but would also hope for advice from the manufac­turer here.

Design Services: She also attaches great importance to a superb design, both for the brand and for the products. This should set them apart from the compe­tition.

Lead and Delivery Time: The production and delivery time are not quite as important for her first order, as she is not under any time pressure for the launch.

Unit Price: The price per unit has to be good enough for her to sell on profi­tably, of course, but a few cents more or less is not decisive for her.

Juliet, 32 Years old, is the Managing Director at a Swedish Skin Care

Relia­bility: Juliet’s cosmetics manufac­turer from China has recently been very unreliable when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Commu­ni­cation: Sometimes she waits weeks for a response after placing an order. This is no longer sustainable for her fast-growing start-up. She is looking for a new manufac­turer and attaches great importance to profes­sional and swift commu­ni­cation.

Delivery Times: She prefers a cosmetics manufac­turer from Europe or the USA in order to shorten delivery times.

Certi­fi­ca­tions: She has also already faced legal procee­dings due to inadmis­sible formu­la­tions. She thinks that western cosmetic manufac­turers are more familiar with the regula­tions in her target market (ISO 22716) and are subject to stricter controls.

Design Services: The brand design is already estab­lished, but she wants the manufac­turer to take care of the product design.

Unit Price: Juliet has a precise target price that must not be exceeded to the penny, as she has calcu­lated her margins tightly.


Common Questions about Cosmetic Manufac­turers

Where is most Cosmetics manufac­tured?

This question arises for almost everyone who wants to manufacture cosmetics.

Cosmetics is produced in almost every country.

However, there are serious diffe­rences in the variety, quality, and degree of specia­lization of the products offered.

For example, it can make a lot of sense to have mascara produced in Italy and eyelashes in Indonesia.

What is a Cosmetic Manufac­turer?

A cosmetics manufac­turer is a company that creates and sells a range of products designed to enhance or improve a person’s appearance.

This can include makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products.

Some cosmetics manufac­turers also offer products that are intended to improve the health and wellness of their customers.

What is the Diffe­rence between a conven­tional and a Private Label Cosmetics Manufac­turer?

A conven­tional cosmetics manufac­turer creates products under their own brand name and sells them through various retail channels.

Private label cosmetics manufac­turers, on the other hand, create products that are then sold under a different brand name, often that of the retailer or company that commis­sioned the product.

So if you are planning to start your own cosmetics brand, you should search for a private label cosmetics manufac­turer like us.

How are Cosmetics manufac­tured?

The process of manufac­turing cosmetics typically starts with selecting a formula that includes a variety of natural and synthetic ingre­dients that work together to achieve a specific result, such as improving skin texture or enhancing hair volume.

Once the formula is estab­lished, you will then select the packaging that best suits the product and its target market.

After the formula and packaging have been chosen, the manufac­turer will begin producing the product in bulk using specia­lized equipment and machinery.

The ingre­dients are blended together according to the formula, and the finished product is then filled into the chosen packaging, whether that’s a bottle, jar, or tube.

Once the product has been filled into the packaging, it undergoes various quality control checks, to ensure that it meets the manufac­tu­rer’s standards for safety, effec­ti­veness, and quality. 

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