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What is Private Label Cosmetics and Why it is The Best Choice

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What is the best way to start your cosmetics brand?

A private label production is one of the best ways to get your new cosmetic or makeup business off to a successful start. However, it is not suitable for every business model. Another option is to use white label cosmetics. In this article, we compiled the advantages and disadvantages of white label and private label cosmetics production to help you compare which is best for your business so that you can move forward with your brand.
If you are still unsure which type of production is better suited for your project, you should definitely read our guide article

What characterizes private label cosmetics?

For startups and anyone new to beauty, private label cosmetics could be a great help. You can have a direct influence on your product as this isn’t off-the-shelf makeup. Need more natural ingredients for the foundation? Want to create certain color palette? You can do it all through private label makeup production. Private label manufacturers will produce what you want and private label suppliers will give you the contacts you need. This gives your cosmetics line your own signature, since your product implements your philosophy, creating a foundation for you to build. 

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Nail cosmetics are the largest segment out of all private label cosmetics sold in retail right now. For example, nail polish manufacturers will include ingredients to make the product long-lasting, but you are the one to decide the color of the final product. 
Same thing goes with lipsticks – lipsticks provided by private label suppliers have the essential carrier materials and pigments, but you are the one to decide the ingredients you want to include on your cosmetics. 
Thus, this type of makeup production offers great freedom even to small companies, allowing them to produce cosmetics that are born out of your ideas right from the start.

5 reasons for private label cosmetics

The list of potential benefits of private label production is endless and beyond the scope of this guide. Therefore, we have chosen only the most crucial aspects. You can find some more advantages of private label brands in general here.

Save money on research and development for your cosmetic products

Product development is one of the biggest cost factors in cosmetics. But thanks to private label providers, you can cut costs on this. Supplier will ensure that your product contains long-term tested and high-quality approved base mixtures so the only thing you need to do is to decide on the colors, put a finishing touch and maybe request any special ingredients.

Small minimum order quantities

No matter how often you want to adjust your product, the minimum order quantity is still very budget-friendly. Most makeup products tend to have a low minimum order quantity. Thus, you are able to produce small batches and serve micro-trends without having to deal with an oversupply of goods afterwards. You can even order world-leading eyeliners for your private label with a minimum of only 2000 pieces. However, if you want to sell much smaller quantities, white label makeup may be more suitable for you. Learn more about white label cosmetics here. But be careful when suppliers offer you very low minimum order quantities. There are some dangers you should be aware of!

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Legal certainty regarding global and local regulations

The cosmetics market is international. But the regulations for cosmetics are unfortunately often very national, which means that some regulations may not apply in other countries. There can be significant differences among countries from ingredients to declarations. This is where the expertise of private label providers play an important role. Not only do they know how to lay the groundwork for high-quality cosmetics, they also know the guidelines that must be followed, so that you do not have to handle these complicated matters by yourself. These companies will help you find the manufacturers that adhere to the necessary rules. They also ensure that samples are produced, so that you can get an overview of your assortment and convince cosmetics dealers about your products.

Do not worry about import and customs

Private label cosmetics providers will also take care of you in dealing with other regulations. They register the products to respective authorities and institutions and handle formalities regarding import and customs. This way, you can launch a successful cosmetics line without having to carry out every step on your own. Thus, you can continue to focus on marketing and invest your time in developing your brand as creative as possible to launch the perfect cosmetic brand.

Guaranteed success with worldwide bestsellers

The cosmetics production is the same in almost every industry, so you don’t have to start from scratch. That’s why you should pick the best makeup products and not waste money on experimenting with products that probably won’t go well with your target group. With the right network in the private label business, you can simply take the worldwide bestsellers of your desired product and have them produced either the same or with minor changes under your brand. This way you can make sure that the products will find favor with your target group and that your company will be successful.

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Some important considerations before getting started

Even though private label cosmetics offers a lot of freedom, you should give it some thought in advance. Start only after you have identified your niche. Which niche do you want to fill exactly? Since private label manufacturers give you the freedom to implement your ideas, these should also be bundled in a targeted manner. Do you want to offer only foundation and powder at the beginning, or will there also be bronzers in your starting assortment? With a detailed list of the desired products, you can save a lot of time, as you can start production more quickly. A look at the competition is also worthwhile. What does the offer look like in your desired area? Is there a tough competition, or is the product rarely offered? If the product is offered less frequently, this can be your chance to become known quickly. When you offer makeup that your customers are looking for elsewhere in vain, you can quickly open up a profitable market and thus conquer the market without huge expenses. With private label makeup, you don’t need to spend money on direct development costs, take care of testing the products and mixing the formulas. All you have to do is concentrate fully on your brand. 

Why wait? You can start today

The foundation is there, and you can build on it. This sentence probably best describes how private label makeup works. So, what is a private label makeup? The answer is freedom– freedom to produce cosmetics that reflects the essence of your brand! 
We have helped numerous new companies get started. It’s your turn now. We are here to help you find the best suppliers and manufacturers so that you can turn your company dreams into reality. 

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