Your Name Cosmetics: MOQ’s and Prices (in 2024)

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MOQs and Prices for Your Name Cosmetics

Let’s start with the probably most existing part. Minimum order quantity and prices for different your name cosmetic products.

This table shows some of the most popular cosmetic products, their MOQ and starting prices for both types of your name cosmetics.

Product0 MOQ1000 MOQ
1Lipstick$7.00 — $10.00$2.00 — $3.50
2Nail Polish$6.00 — $8.00$1.50 — $3.00
3Mascara$8.00 — $10.00$2.50 — $4.00
4Moistu­rizer$18.00 — $25.00$5.50 — $8.00
5Powder$9.00 — $12.00$3.00 — $4.50
6Face Brushes$10.00 — $12.00$1.50 — $3.00
7Eyeliner / Lipliner$5.00 — $7.50$1.50 — $2.50
8Foundation$10.00 — $12.00$4.00 — $5.50
9Lipgloss$6.00 — $8.00$2.00 — $3.50
10Shampoo$15.00 — $18.00$5.00 — $7.00

The prices for pre manufac­tured cosmetics are an average of some of the best known private label cosmetics manufac­turers like Blanka and Mana. The prices for 1000 units MOQ are a rough range for our own offer.


Your Name Cosmetics is another term for private label cosmetics. The idea is to use already developed and maybe even already manufac­tured cosmetic products and put your name on them.

This saves you time and money for develo­pment and testing. Also, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is usually lower than for custom formu­la­tions.

This article should help you to under­stand different types of your name cosmetics, their advan­tages and disad­van­tages, and how you choose the right one for your cosmetic business.

Two Types of Your Name Cosmetics

First, we need to under­stand the different types of your name cosmetics, since they differ in MOQ and prices.

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1. Pre Manufac­tured Your Name Cosmetics

The first type is cosmetic products, that are pre-produced, on stock and waiting to be labelled with your name. This way, you can start quick and cheap. There’s basically no production time, and often you can start with just one unit.

On the downside, your custo­mization options are very limited and the unit price is very high.


  • Short lead time
  • Low minimum order quantity


  • Very limited custo­mization
  • High unit price

2. Pre Formu­lated Your Name Cosmetics

The second type of your name cosmetics is cosmetic products, that are pre-formu­lated, but not manufac­tured yet. While the formu­lation is pretty much set, there are presel­ected packaging options, where you have a lot of custo­mization options that go far beyond labelling. Also, the unit prices are much lower.

Because they are manufac­tured just for you, it requires a higher minimum order quantity (typically 1000 units or more) and there is a production time of several weeks to months.


  • Low unit prices
  • Many custo­mization options


  • MOQ > 1000 units
  • Production time of several weeks/ months

Which Type of Your Name Cosmetics Should I Choose Now?

At the end, it really comes down to two things:

Your budget and confi­dence.

If you have enough budget for a production of 1000 units or more and, at the same time, are confident you’ll sell those units, you should definitely opt for pre-formu­lated your name cosmetic products.

Only if you can not afford 1000 units or more and/or you are not too confident about selling this many units, it’s probably the only reasonable way to get started with your own cosmetic business.

When you then find out there’s a rising demand for your products, you can profes­sio­nalize further by switching to pre-formu­lated products.

In theory, it sounds like a great plan to start with the low MOQ type and then switch to higher MOQ type. The only thing is, that because of the generic products, the limited custo­mization options and therefore weak branding and poor profit margins, your chances of success are affected negatively.

Make sure you have a weel crafted business and finance plan in place that breaks down how you will make the switch.

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